Access Management

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Access Management

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Organizations need to secure their data, services, enterprise assets, end-users, applications, or other subjects that contain valuable information. With the current changes adopted by the global pandemic, we see a shift in remote access and security, where 82% of company leaders begin to adopt remote work environments.

However, in correlation to the remote work shift, there has been a 90% increase in a security risk for web application breaches abusing user credentials and a 25% increase in phishing attacks from 2020. Access Management systems work as an intermediary layer between users and the internal network infrastructure. An access management solution, along with Zero Trust, adds an additional security layer, helping to protect and secure the internal infrastructure that you could have otherwise overlooked.

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Access Management


Keep track of privileged accounts icon

Keep Track Of Privileged Accounts

Keeping track of privileged accounts can be difficult, without the right equipment, often, organizations are left blind to what their users are doing. Without a centralized monitoring system, your business can be exposed to compliance violations and security threats.

Manage User Credentials icon

Manage User Credentials

Manual password changers can be prone to errors and take a lot of time to apply, especially for larger organizations. Without a secret manager and password changers, such operations are time-consuming and costly.

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Monitor Sessions & Analyze Threats

The lack of coherent threat analysis systems/tools increases your business to security risks. Businesses that fail to identify threats fall under security incidents and suspicious activities.

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Access Control

Effective access control reduces the risk of exfiltration of critical data and access to vital resources. Helps to regulate compliance requirements and operational control. With centralized access management, organizations maintain identity and access to system components.

Fudo Solution To

Access Management

Fudo systems establish and greatly enforce privilege management policies. Implementing Fudo provides businesses control of access to resources. With dynamic rules and roles assigned, users have restricted access to critical resources with enough access to complete their work but hinder any lateral movement within the infrastructure.

With secret manager and password changer features, you can automate user passwords to a defined specific frequency of choice. Efficiency analyzer provides great productivity reports while session monitoring and our AI threat prevention model registers user behavior, flagging, and notifying suspicious activity.  Administrators have full oversight of all active sessions, with the ability to intervene at any moment; blocking, pausing, or terminating the connection.

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A Complete Management Solution For Remote Privileged Access

Auto Discovery

Equip your organization with the ability to scan domain controllers for accounts within Active Directory with different privilege levels and add them to relevant safes and listeners within your Fudo environment.

Business Perspective:

Automate your onboarding process, granting account access to connections but also quarantine accounts by blocking their access to the target server. Provide tighter control over AD infrastructure with automating the configuration process within built-in onboarding rules.

Technical Perspective:

Create main components that aim to discover accounts on the target server. Define rules with set criteria for the accounts and the actions that need to be performed after their discovery.

Best Security Stanadrds

Supervised Access Managment

Mitigate Insider Attacks

Mitigate Insider Attacks

Secure privileged accounts and grant access to resources with dynamic policies.

Centralized Audit System

Centralized Audit System

Monitor all activities and meet the security requirements and compliance management solution.

Manage Passwords

Manage Passwords

Secure and control privileged accounts with automated password changers and secret managers.

Implementing Access Management Within Your Industry

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