Active Monitoring

Maintain Proactive Monitoring To Your Critical and valuable assets and implement administrative oversight

Gain Oversight Of Your Resources

Precise Session Playback

Active Monitoring allows for connections between the users and the targeted servers to be observed and recorded. It registers user actions and activity, including mouse pointer moves, keystrokes, and transferred files. The active monitoring module records all of the network traffic with the metadata, allowing for precise session playback with text content search.

Ranging from a variety of common command-line interface and graphical protocols, including database communication standards, web protocols, and production infrastructure protocols. With this setup, at any time, an administrator can connect and intervene with an active session and act accordingly to any misuse or potential access rights abuse.

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Active Monitoring


Transparency and Security

Transparency and Security

Administrators can take a look at what employees or 3rd party contractors are doing. If any misuse occurs, they can intervene at any time and terminate or block the user for further misuse.

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Session Collaboration

Sharing a session enables the system administrator to join a given connection and work alongside a remote user while their actions are recorded separately. A third-party user may be invited to join and collaborate or view the live session via an expirable link.

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Session Timestapming

Can provide an in-depth analysis. A trusted timestamp makes recorded sessions invaluable for use as forensic evidence in court. In addition, the feature supports trusted time-stamping services provided by external institutions.

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Monitor and archive user actions instead of server logs (which may be hard to interpret) while maintaining complete separation between the user end-point and an organization’s IT infrastructure.

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Optical Character Recognition

Enables easier search control for specific elements and improves searching functionality.

Record Active Sessions

Archive Video Logs

With active monitoring administrators or supervisors can record or let others monitor their work activity which is excellent for onboarding processes and training.

Fudo enables easy archiving of data which can be played back for new employees to learn from and used as training materials to assist in any admin development or specific configurations. Additionally, Fudo enables compliance oversight, helping you to meet the requirements such as PCI DSS.

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Learn How To Comply With DIGITIZED FINANCIAL Service

Enable a monitoring service to protect most vital business assets while regulating integrated technology compliance mandates. Apply dynamic policies for privileged users

Monitor Productivity

Efficiency analyzer

An additional component of Fudo is the ability to track and analyze productivity of user during active sessions with precise information and idle times.

Business Perspective:

Shows an overview display regarding users’ activity data in selected time intervals.  Great to measure productivity and assist in 3rd party contractor ROI.

Technical Perspective:

Activity ranking is based on users’ interaction with the monitor system. Divided into 60-second intervals and monitors all activity within that time frame. Giving precise information on the actions of a user or 3rd party contractor.

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Admin Oversight

Intervene At Any Time

Instant Interaction

Active Monitoring module enables immediate interaction within your active sessions giving admins the ability to pause, terminate or even share the session from a web browser. Optimizing control and management of users and their access.

Business Perspective

Acts as a supervisory body within your enterprise. Where defined regular expressions and policies bolster your security policy and playback and recording technology allows complying with external regulations and compliances. Presenting the enterprise great audit tools and security solutions.

Technical Perspective

Allows HTTP/S protocol rendering enables convenient analysis of access sessions within online resources. Enables Monitoring of privileged users and access control.Visual playback of RDP, SSH, Telnet and HTTP/S Sessions Supported in the following system configurations: Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, MS Windows Server, MS Windows, TightVNC, and Solaris.

Implementing Active Monitoring Within Your Industry

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