Fudo Security Weekly, October 1st – 5th, 2018

05.10.2018 10:30

  • Despite all that’s covered in the media, many people still don’t realize the threat that often stems from the inside. Take heed from an inside job at the Iowa state lottery and don’t let your organization fall prey to such an attack. Read more here.
  • Healthcare remains vulnerable in the US and globally, but the recent HIPAA violation and consequent fine for Boston Hospitals of over 1.5 million dollars shows that regulators are hitting back hard. Click here. 
  • Great news for critical national infrastructure in the US. The Department of Energy has announced that it is investing over 28 million dollars into cybersecurity to beef up defenses against attacks. Find out more here. 
  • The big Facebook hack this week has created a vast array of questions and exposed the vulnerabilities of the social media giant. With over 50 million user accounts breached, there are pressing questions about how GDPR fines will affect the company. Take a look at the story below. Here and here
  • You’ve got to do all you can, and Tesco Bank in the UK has been found wanting. UK regulators have fined the financial institution over 16.4m pounds for security deficiencies for the 2016 attack on its clients. 

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