Fudo 3.8-48156 LTS Update Release Notes

16.10.2018 11:46

This is an update to our first 3.8-43709 release, focused on stability and performance.

Fudo 3.8-48156 LTS contains many fixes and improvements, to name a few most important:

  1. RDP connections: we have fixed random disconnections problem
  2. LDAP/AD synchronisation
  3. Live session access via web borwser
  4. Cluster stability
  5. UI responsiveness with large number of objects
  6. Multiple Active Directory domains: after upgrade Fudo default domain is the same as your AD domain


  1. VNC protocol support in User Portal
  2. German keyboard support
  3. User Portal IP override: allows access to hosts behind NAT

Before you upgrade

There are a few things that need to be verified before this upgrade can be applied.

  1. Make sure your Fudo system is at least version 3.4-xxxxx LTS. If you have an older system version, please contact us and we will help you with the upgrade process.
  2. Make sure your Fudo is not undergoing any system-wide process, like a storage matrix rebuild or is under high load. In cluster mode please make sure cluster state is in sync.

How to upgrade your Fudo:

  1. Login to your Fudo and from the menu on the left hand side select ‘System’, then the ‘Upgrade’ tab
  2. If your Fudo is running in a cluster please start the upgrade from the Slave system, then move to the Master. When both systems are on the same Fudo version cluster communication will be restored.
  3. Select “Upload” from the top left side and upload the previously downloaded and unzipped fudo-3.8-44781.upg file
  4. Select “Run Check” to determine if your upgrade file is correct and can be applied. Refresh your browser window to see “check”current progress.
  5. Upon a successful “Run Check” result, upgrade your Fudo by using the “Upgrade” button. Upon system restart all current session recordings will be terminated.

In case of an unsuccessful check do not upgrade your system, double check your upgrade file checksum. If you encounter any problems, get in touch with us and we will assist you.

Rollback option

After the new Fudo version is booted up, in System -> Upgrade you will have a button entitled “Remove upgrade snapshot”. If you are experiencing issues with version 3.8, you have an option to roll back to the old version of 3.4-xxxxx. Please keep in mind any session recordings performed on version 3.8-xxxxx will be lost.

Multi-domain support Fudo 3.8

This document explains multi domain support introduced with Fudo 3.8 release.

Important note:

If Fudo was used with synced domain users, who were using short_domain_name\username, after upgrade they will be required to use full_domain_name\username or only username.

For example, user login will change as follows:

  • before 3.8 upgrade: fudosecurity\username
  • after 3.8 upgrade: fudosecurity.com\username
A short domain name can be configured in the LDAP sync menu.

This video tutorial explains multi domain support in examples:

We encourage you to review our webinar covering in detail all 11 new features introduced in Fudo 3.8 release:

Last but not least

We are now called Fudo Security. Company name changed from Wheel Systems on Sep 4th, 2018, a token of our commitment to Fudo. Thank you for your trust and support.


To get full download instruction (including download link and passphrase) contact our Support Team



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