Fudo Security Weekly, 2019 Kick-Off

08.01.2019 14:53

We hope you have enjoyed some family time during the holiday season – as we did! Now it’s time for a double dose of our cybersecurity news – grab your coffee and start the latest review with us!


All available summaries of 2018 hacks will have a slight hangover about the apparently false news regarding Supermicro hack. Nevertheless, Bloomberg Businessweek stresses that the patterns described – even if not true – sounded really probable. And comes up with a few steps that can reduce the risk for the future: http://snip.ly/2q6hu6


The Tor Project becomes more and more accessible – with the apps offered both for desktop and mobile. The shift is also happening on the other side – Facebook and Cloudflare are now supporting the project to protect users’ anonymity (however ironic it may sound). And do you use some onion-branded services? Wait, don’t answer, check the Wired article.


The amount  of rules&regulations for the Healthcare may appear overwhelming. To clear it up a bit, the Department of Health and Human Services released a document gathering guidelines of Managing Threats and Protecting Patients. You can read more in a text by clicking this link.


One could sing “AI is all around me” – and it’s true. That’s another challenge for the regulators – who need of course to adjust the law to the everchanging technology. What areas will it refer to in the first place?


In a Twitter thread Nima Fatemi comments on the Iranian plans to limit the access to Instagram. Interestingly, the reason is described as “too much traffic”. Of course the limitations won’t influence the elits, who can afford to pay for the VPN services.


Hundreds of the most important German politicians and celebs had their private data stolen and leaked. The attack affected e.g. Chancellor Merkel and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


That’s about all to kick off this year, let us know what topics are interesting for you and how can we improve our newsletter. And, instead of our normal news recap, we have a 2018 summary for you. Everyone is preparing those, we couldn’t resist to do it as well 🙂

We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s info bundle. Stay safe!

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