Fudo Security Weekly, December 10th – 14th, 2018

18.12.2018 14:04

First GDPR fine in Germany

It is the country’s first instance of GDPR as a regional state regulator slaps a fine on a German chat platform. Although the hack affects over 800,00 email addresses and over 1.5 million passwords and usernames, the tech company has gotten away without a hefty fine. The penalty will be a modest 20,000 euros and illustrates a unique approach by the German regulators. The idea is that the authorities don’t seem to be after penalising offenders with the highest fines, rather incentivising good behaviour if there is a breach and allowing for the safest environment for the end users.

Healthcare 2018 in Review

It is one of the most vulnerable sectors of the economy. Just in 2017 over 5.6 million patient records were breached. Most healthcare providers know that the lucrative nature of patient information is why so many attackers go after the industry. It has been a hard year for healthcare as we’ve seen many attacks and breaches. To better understand the challenges, and also recognize the opportunities there’s great wealth in the following blog entry.

UAE and Saudi oil and gas servers hit by cyberattack

An italian based oil company Saipem has been the victim of a series of coordinated attacks on their servers. Their operations across the UAE as well as Saudi Arabia have been victims to a cyberattack. It seems that the attackers were after administrative data of the company. Considered vital to Italy’s critical infrastructure the race is on to discover the perpetrators. Though it is unclear whether it was economic espionage or a state sponsored attack.

According to a recent Cisco report, there will be a 5ZB data growth per year by 2022

An incredible statistic, as a Cisco report reveals a staggering prediction of IP data growth for 2022. In the next four years there will be more IP traffic across the world’s global networks than in all prior ‘internet years’ combined. Essentially more IP traffic will be created in 2022 than in the 32 years since the internet began.  Data will increase exponentially, and new areas of digital healthcare, smart cars, IoT devices and notably Machine-to-Machinegrowth will be contributing factors. How to secure all this data will be a pressing question of our times.

Texas hospital is hit by third party data breach

Another injury in the healthcare world. A Texas hospital provider has reported that they have suffered a breach with their third-party payment system. Texas-based Baylor Scott and White Medical Center-Frisco is now notifying over 48,000 patients of the breach which has exposed financial details for over a weekThough the company has stated that no patient medical records were compromised. It marks another prominent case of a third party vendor attack in the healthcare sector which seems ever more under siege.

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