Fudo Security Weekly, November 12th – 16th, 2018

22.11.2018 17:37


With the world’s first agreement to set out stronger international regulation of the internet and improve global cybersecurity policy, France has already received the support of  51 nations to take part. This includes all the members of the EU. the refusal of Beijing, Moscow and Washington will be a challenge to this new and unprecedented international cooperation. Read more here.

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Cyberattacks are seen as the top risk to business in Europe and North America  and the EAP region. That’s according to a recent World Economic Forum report. The survey was conducted across 130 countries and involved over 12,000 decision-makers from various private sector industries. The worrying news is that the threat and fear of cyberattacks has moved to the top of the list compared to last year. Find out more.


With over 90% of world trade transported by the shipping industry, and over 50,000 ships operating on the high seas, one would believe that this is a highly secure industry. Unfortunately the shipping industry remains extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. It’s time to tackle this before serious cyber attacks strike at this lifeblood of our economy.

Security house Cylance targeted the Pakistani Air Force in a mock state-sponsored group operation in order to infiltrate military networks. They successfully pulled it off and showed once again how one of the world’s global nuclear powers is vulnerable to a concentrated cyberattack. Read more.


A frightening bit of news from Pakistan. According to recent reports, nearly all banks in Pakistan appear to have been hacked and therefore anyone who holds a bank account there is now vulnerable. This was revealed by Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency. It will take a long time for trust to be restored and it will be interesting to see how the financial system was so susceptible to attacks.

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