Fudo Security Weekly, November 19th – 23rd, 2018

26.11.2018 15:35

Radisson Hotel Group suffers breach

One of the world’s largest hotel groups Radisson has suffered a breach. The chain with over 1,400 hotels, present in over 70 countries has been compromised. Members of the firm’s loyalty and rewards scheme are affected and personal data i.e. phone numbers, emails and addresses have been stolen. With the company’s HQ in Brussels it will be interesting to see if GDPR will apply and fines are in order. Read more here.

US Postal Service data exposed

A flawed API at the US Postal Service has affected over 60 million customers in the US. The website of the US Postal Service exposed data – much of it in real-time – about parcels that were sent by customers. In some instances users could access and change information about addresses and location.

Certified Italian email accounts breached

It is one of Italy’s largest breaches with over 500,000 certified email accounts compromised. It would seem the attack was undertaken by unknown foreign hackers and the emails belong to many high level public sector individuals, including magistrates and security officials.

Future of the airline industry

A keen insight into the ever changing future of the airline industry. Watch this interview with Air Malta’s CIO about how digital transformation is affecting the sector and the changing role of the CIO.

ICO Breach Reports Rise in Q2 after GDPR

Recently the UK’s ICO has reported an increase of breach reports in the second quarter of 2018. Reports are up by 29% and number over 4000, though this doesn’t imply more attacks. The silver lining here is that since GDPR went into effect, and the breach notification period is 72 hours, more instances are being reported. This shows that cybersec awareness has grown and we are on the right track in tackling the issues of the future. Find out more.

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