Fudo Security Weekly, November 5th – 9th, 2018

14.11.2018 12:23


First up this week we look at football. FIFA has been hacked a second time this year. This will likely lead to new leaks about players, funding and other gossip. Find out more here.

With recent transportation companies like Air Canada, and Cathay Pacific all breached in the last few months, Eurostar has now also fallen prey to a cyber attack. In the wake of the breach, the company has attempted to reset all user passwords. With GDPR in effect, it’s now evident that personal data of customers is now an even more sensitive issue than before. Read more…


A breach at the world’s seventh largest bank: HSBC. With over 14,000 US customers affected and their personal data exposed, its not clear if any fraud has taken place. Yet it marks a serious incident for the global banking operator.

Another breach in the financial sector. Amex India is reeling after over 700 thousand customers were exposed via an unsecured server. The claim is that no critical data was accessed, as the fault was exposed by a security professional. Yet it’s unclear how long the server was exposed and what it means for Amex and it’s subcontractors.

#cybersecurity (in numbers)

If you want to know the latest stats and figures, check out CSO’s and CERT Carnegie Mellon’s State of Cybercrime Report 2018. Some curious findings and conclusions. The good news is that awareness and spending on cybersec is up but detection time has risen.


Gamification is often a helpful way to entice people to learn and can serve as motivation. With their new game, the insurance provider Chubb has won an industry award for their acclaimed cyber attack simulation game. A great way to foster security awareness in companies and employees around the world. Read more here.


We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s info bundle. Stay safe!

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