Fudo Security Weekly, October 29th – November 2nd, 2018

06.11.2018 17:30


Acquiring Red Hat by IBM for 34 billion dollars makes it the 3rd largest tech deal ever. And also probably the biggest for the IBM itself. How may it impact enterprises relying on the Linux biggest distro support? Read here


Class Action suit against Cathay Pacific! A UK-based legal firm gets much coverage as the case focuses on the protection of personal data. With GDPR in the background, it’s worth following – how will the company handle accusations of being responsible for a breach of more than 9.4 mln records?


Tariffs could hit tech companies as trade war between US and China may deepen. 257 billion of goods that are still untaxed. With sky-rocketing prices of the electronics the biggest vendors might consider moving their manufacturing sites to other countries in Southeast Asia.


US indicts Chinese spies and insiders for aviation theft, malware seeding and spear-phishing activities, affecting French and US companies.


Hackers are after Fortnite players – the community of 43 million players is being targeted but numerous scammers exploiting the demand for in-game purchases. Virtual microeconomy with real fraud practices


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