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The transformation and intertwining of our digital and physical world continued unabated this year. All this has created immense opportunities for our society and businesses, yet at the same time it presented new attack surfaces and vulnerabilities which were exploited. It isn’t just new threats we were concerned about. The old threats and consequences of the rushed digital remote pivot of 2020 have remained with us, and still plagued us this year.

With earth-shattering attacks like Colonial Pipeline, a true shift occurred, affecting everyone from the highest echelons of government to the everyday consumer. Suddenly, segmentation and Zero Trust were not just on the wishlist of IT security firms but were enshrined into government policy and law. To claim this will be another year long remembered is no understatement.
It is always worth reviewing the past, and in cybersecurity this is no different. How we proceed into the new year is crucial, and we can only be ready if we learn all we can from these past twelve months.

Yet we must ask ourselves:Are CISOs and other executives drawing the right conclusions from the storm of attacks and challenges this past year? Do they understand how the threat scape has evolved, where certain patterns will remain and where others begin to arise. As we near the end of the year, it’s time to take stock, and assess. Cyberattacks dominated our headlines throughout the year, and caused massive disruptions across the board. To help in the continuous journey of vigilance and cyber resilience join our upcoming webinar and get an expert perspective of what 2021 was all about. We’ll also take a brief look at what’s in store for 2022.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

-Solar Winds, Colonial Pipeline and more. What were the effects of these game-changing security breaches?

-Data privacy. How did big tech slip up. What’s the future of compliance in the world.

-Ransomware. What has changed for businesses, governments and consumers.

-Cyber scams and phishing continued to exploit us in 2021. What’s the damage, and what are the lessons?

-Remote work. How has the pandemic affected -and continues to affect- the way we protect our remote access to vital data.


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Our Hosts

Sascha is at the forefront of cybersecurity news and developments. Engaged globally from across Europe to the US, APAC and MENA, he is a facilitator of cybersec and tech awareness campaigns, webinars and a regular contributor to info/cybersec news channels around the world.
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