Fudo PAM and Healthcare


2020 saw a 25% year-over-year increase in healthcare data breaches. That’s over 29 million personal records stolen last year alone.
The medical and healthcare industry is under continued strain, not just from the outside but also from internal threats.

Add to that the challenges of digitization of healthcare data, as well as the need for medical data sharing and increased interconnectivity. This continues to expose vulnerabilities that are being exploited by hackers and insiders.
We will explore this complex area and share unique insights into how organizations can keep secure.

Our panel will discuss the following:

– How to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce the attack surface by managing privileged access.
– Analyzing specific use cases from clinics and healthcare providers from around the globe.
– How to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency by having a complete overview and control of privileged users as well as access.

Join us and boost your immunity against privileged misuse!


Our Hosts

Corporate Communications Strategist Sascha Fahrbach
Pre-sales Engineer Rafał Wiosna
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