Efficiency Analyzer

Display data on users activity in selected time interval, gaining insight over productivity in a given time

Efficiency Analyzer


With the demands of modern business, and an interconnected world, companies now must rely on external consultants for day-to-day business operations. This can be a challenge, and a risk as these contractors will have access to sensitive information and their behaviour will be key for the functionality of the organization.

There’s also the imperative to know what these contractors are working on, or if they really have been busy carrying out the terms of their agreements. As a company, are the costs justified? How long have contracts spent on certain tasks and projects?

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Unraveling The Challenges

  • Easily compare the efficiency of your remote consultants

    Get a full overview of how each project is going, which ones are behind

  • Eliminate unfair subcontractors.

    Who is the most effective? Keep your finger on the pulse of all workflows and tasks. Ensure you’re working with the most high efficiency contractors

  • Keep an eye on your contractors

    Be sure that your suppliers operate in accordance with their contract

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Best Security Practices

Measure productivity and gain ROI from external contractors

Organizations and companies around the world and in each sector have a range of contractors and suppliers. It’s often difficult to set the most effective schedules, and to lose track of what is best for your business. Using Fudo’s Efficiency Analyzer will give you the power to see where peak performance is and to eliminate what may be holding your business back.

Set effective schedules, work in unison with your team, and gain the most out of Efficiency Analyzer. It’s all about the right kind of data at your disposal. Business needs to work in an agile and resilient fashion in our new digital lives. Fudo’s Efficiency Analyzer and an array of other security tools will ensure that your organization thrives.

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