Fudo PAM
See everything.
React instantly.
Meet the first intelligent PAM with unmatched session management.
AI-powered biometric verification
Real-time privileged misuse prevention
HTTP/RDP/VNC session management
Unmatched session monitoring
  • HTTP(S) protocol rendering
    Visual session playback for RDP, SSH, Telnet and HTTPs
  • Take immediate action
    Join, pause, terminate remote connections. Share sessions with anyone - all that from the convenience of a web browser.
  • Supervise sessions proactively
    Define regular expressions, assign them to policies and decide what to do when Fudo detects a matching sequence.
HTTP protocol rendering
  • Monitor access to online services with visual session playback. Substitute passwords to pre-defined websites or specify login page details.
  • Patent pending.
AI-powered prevention
  • Detect any change in user behavior to prevent potential privileged account misuse within the first 60 seconds of the session.
  • Receive automatic rating of sessions, based on detected anomalies.
  • Be alerted about a surprisingly large number of connections or sessions that last longer than usual.
Efficiency analyzer
  • Easily compare the efficiency of your remote consultants
  • Eliminate unfair subcontractors
  • Be sure that your suppliers operate in accordance with their contract
One day deployment
Plug & play deployment.
No need to install agent software on monitored systems.
No need for additional licenses.
Watch video
Just in time access
Specify time frames when a user can access specific resources in your network.
4-Eyes access control
Approve each request to access your most critical assets using either a mobile app or Fudo PAM web interface.
Secret manager
Create and manage password changer policies that follow your internal regulations. Have Fudo change passwords automatically using pre-defined password changers or upload your own plugins.
Optical Character Recognition
Searcheable, full optical character recognition in graphical protocols. Read what you see.