Our technical support department provides support and maintenance services for hardware and software solutions of Fudo Security. Our assistance helps prevent potential system downtime due to hardware malfunctions or software errors and in case such malfunctions occur, our engineers provide the necessary support  to restore the system to its fully operational state.

The technical support department operates 24/7 providing warranty and post-warranty support. Service contracts and terms of provided assistance can be adapted to individual clients needs.

Support service terms

  • The terms and conditions of support services are tailored to individual clients’ needs. The service contract contains specific SLA terms and applies to both hardware and software. Specifics of the support contract depend on the product. Support services include remote technical assistance, which ensures fast response and deployment of repair procedures without unnecessary delay.

    This requires access to the client’s IT infrastructure. All technical support sessions can be recorded by Fudo PAM (a privileged access management system) and recorded material can be delivered to the client upon request.

    On-site repair within the service contract terms is carried out Monday through Friday between 7 am and 6 pm.

    Customer replaceable unit (CRU). In case a repair does not require the presence of a Fudo Security technical support engineer, a replacement component is shipped to the client along with a replacement procedure guide.

  • General service conditions for our solutions contain:

    • technical support available on workdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm
    • remote access to the client’s system
    • access to the fault management system for progress tracking
    • software updates
    • system bug fixes
    • access to the product knowledge base
    • engineer consulting services
    • response time

    Available service programs are divided into:

    • program service standard
    • premium service program

    A detailed description of the services programs is available after messaging our sales via e-mail.

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