FUDO 5.1
Enhanced Access Gateway Experience and Admin Operations

Password changers in the cluster

  • What’s new

    Added Support for Password Changer within the Cluster.

  • Advantages

    Ability for all the nodes to support Password Changer functionality. Fudo can change passwords on every node, in every network zone. Admins can now choose all the nodes or select dedicated nodes within the cluster to perform password changer ability. User is able to get the current password from the User Portal. Providing uninterrupted access to servers in case of node failure and implementing static load balancing scenarios.

Certificate authentication in the access gateway

  • What's New

    Enables new authentication method via a certificate.

  • Advantages

    Users can now log in to the Access Gateway with Certificate Authentication without providing their password and exposing their credentials to any insider threats. Making the action passwordless. Additionally Certificate authentication offers more complex security, based on its cryptographic strength.

Account Visibility in the Access Gateway

  • What’s New

    Users can now see if another user is connected to the target server.

  • Advantages

    This feature provides a visual way of managing shared accounts. Users can easily identify if an account is being used and who is connected, acting as a crucial role in shared account environments as a visual clue on account usage that allows for better communication between users and oversight of current sessions within the Access Gateway.


  • What’s New

    Improved GUI for intuitive operation and use.

  • Advantages

    Refreshed look with an improved user experience. Smooth customization for dashboard elements and ease of operations. The redesign allows for quick and intuitive user interaction and navigation in both the Admin Console and User Portal. The inclusion of a “plus” button, allows for quick and simple addition of necessary elements. Furthermore, the redesign includes a rearranged layout and design themes like “light,” “dark” or “terminal.”

General Improvements

  • The improved ability to send push notifications to the Fudo Officer mobile application regarding ‘Session Awaiting Approval” events.
  • Set privileged account login and password for external authentication. Users are now able to change their expired Active Directory password as an authentication method to the Access Gateway. 
  • Conflicting IP messages and SMTP settings are now recorded in the event log. 
  • In case multiple server addresses are configured for the static server, only the first address is visible. The rest is displayed after expanding the list in the main Servers view. 
  • Improved capacity of simultaneous data replication. 
  • ‘CA Certificate’ field is now required  in order to successfully configure LDAP as an external authentication method.
  • Accounts can be configured with servers, allowing easier search of server list. 
  • Improved resource usage on machines handling WebClient connections.
  • Set the required amount of votes for approving or rejecting a user’s request via API.

Access Gateway Improvements

  • It’s now possible  to filter out accounts by name, protocol, server name, and host along with the port. 
  • Improved visibility of  account names.
  • Enhancement of the password change process, including an option to change a password enabled as  part of multi-factor authentication. 
  • Enhanced process for retrieving password history of a linked account


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