Fudo 5.2
Enhanced Access Gateway and Admin Portal Interface

  • Fudo 5.2 Release

    The Fudo 5.2 update improves search functionalities and expands Fudo WebClient capabilities with additional enhancements in the Access Gateway and Admin Portal Interface.

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Key improvements of Fudo 5.2 include

  • Added a new email notifications functionality for the Just-in-Time Access Request in the Access Gateway.

    When Users request access to specific resources, an email notification is sent to the resource owner(s) with the access request details. Additionally, when the resource owner accepts or rejects the request, an email notification is sent to the user who requested the access.

  • The Fudo WebClient expands its capabilities and now supports the VNC protocol user connections via Fudo WebClient.

    Users can use VNC protocol in our Fudo WebCLient.

  • New search functionality incorporated for multiple addresses of the servers which is visible while connecting via the Access Gateway.

    Enhanced the search function within the Access Gateway, allowing users to search for specific servers when crowded with dynamic or multiple IP servers.

  • Improved interaction within the Access Gateway pagination.

    Enhanced pagination within the Access Gateway allows for smoother and easier interaction with multiple pages.

  • Added a new functionality to batch download & convert sessions.

    You can now select multiple sessions at once and order their conversion, giving options on how to convert different types of sessions (RDP, SSH, HTTP)

  • New ability for choosing source IP address for Duo and SMS authentication methods.

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