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Provide your customers with our agentless Secure Remote Access solution and enhance your MSP business today!

Unlimited Potential With A Single Secure Acces Provider

Cybercrime has increased by 238% since the beginning of the pandemic, targeting mostly remote workers. Furthermore, the way we work has changed and this new model will stay with us for the future. It is estimated that by 2025, 70% of the workforce will shift to fully remote work. This monumental shift brings new challenges and also, new threats. Secure Remote Access, including privileged access, is no longer just the domain of large enterprises but it should now be obligatory for medium and small-sized businesses as well!

Secure Remote Access is currently one of the fastest-growing markets and is predicted to be valued at $60 billion in the next four years. It’s time to take advantage of this unique opportunity! With its agentless architecture, Fudo is the perfect solution to be offered to your customers. It’s a market-leading, powerful tool, which is both extremely easy to deploy and has an intuitive interface.
It is a solution that is valued by thousands of users in over 30 countries.

With Fudo you can provide your customers with

  • Easy to use secure and reliable access compliant with a Zero Trust approach;

  • Top-notch session monitoring and recording for dozen of popular protocols like RDP, SSH, VNC, HTTP/s, SQL and more;

  • Support for native clients like Putty, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Mac OS Terminal as well as web-based Fudo Web Client;

  • Just-in-Time and request/approval flow management

  • Support for OpenID and external multi-factor authentications standards;

  • Exclusive AI-powered behaviour analysis;

  • Password management;

  • Efficiency Analyzer.

msp partner program msp partner program

Join our Fudo MSP program and build your new revenue stream today!

By working with Fudo Security as an MSP Partner, you attain solutions you can easily and quickly integrate within your existing services, extending your offer with modern, secure remote access. Simultaneously you increase your outreach and maximize your profitability

All the above in a perfect MSP tailored package:

  • All-in-one architecture;

  • No agents, no additional software;

  • Deployable within hours.

Fudo MSP Partner’s Benefits:

  • New source of income

    With the Fudo MSP platform you can start offering Fudo as a Service practically the same day. A low entry level allows you to minimize the cost of investment both for you and your customers.

  • Cutting-edge, compelling technology

    Fudo with all its capabilities is a no brainer for your existing customers and an excellent value add for the new leads too.

  • Fudo MSP Partner designation and visibility on the Fudo Security homepage.

  • Access to sales and marketing resources.

  • Access to training sessions,our knowledge base and technical support.

Fudo MSP Platform

  • Once you join the Fudo MSP Program you will get access to the Fudo MSP platform. It’s an MSP-tailored, multi-tenancy solution allowing you to manage multiple Fudo instances. With incredibly simple and easy deployment, you can implement a Fudo instance into operation in just a few minutes with a simple file import. The MSP platform is integrated with a license generation and accountability system.

access management for your infrastructure access management for your infrastructure

Get a demo today!

We’ll be happy to schedule a 30-minute video call to show off Fudo MSP’s capabilities and demonstrate how easy it is to start offering an excellent remote access solution to your managed service customers

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