Healthcare Remote Access

Taking care of health is a full-time job; we protect and safeguard patient data and are raising the bar when it comes to Healthcare Remote Access Security

Data Security

Healthcare Remote Access

We know that the Healthcare sector is one of the most targeted and vulnerable industries.

Patient data and other medical technology assets are in the crosshairs of criminals. Add to that the stringent requirements of healthcare compliance such as HIPAA and it becomes clear any healthcare provider needs a comprehensive solution to ensure data integrity. No matter what level, the healthcare industry needs comprehensive security to ensure that medical professionals and patients can rest assured they are being protected.

Healthcare Remote Access

Solutions & Preventions

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Monitored & Recorded Session

Over 58 % of data breaches within the Healthcare industry stem from insider threats. Fudo enables session recordings of active access, building robust security foundations and policies to prevent data leaks.

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Protect Patient Data

Ensure that all access is authorized and authenticated to protect sensitive patient data: secure privileged accounts and healthcare data from insider threats and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

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Comply With Regulations Mandates

Improve your compliance with regulations mandates and gain oversight of privileged accounts and new contractors. Expending on collaboration within employees and workflow management.

Digitization Of Data

Healthcare Remote Access
A Cybersecurity Solution

With the digitization of patient data, healthcare organizations are becoming more prone to cybercrime than before. As a high-value target, healthcare organizations need to be aware of cybersecurity threats and begin to secure the gap between new technologies and critical data.

As the healthcare industry advances, modern technologies are implemented to keep up with growth. The integrated network has become a critical and complex part of healthcare cybersecurity, from cloud-based applications, IoT appliances to distributed patient portals and mobile devices. Patient confidentiality and patients’ personal health information are some of the subjects impacted by ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks can cause significant disruptions for the healthcare industry. They increase the risk of exposed devices for further attacks and privileged access exploitation. The vast integrated healthcare networks generate and move large sums of patient data based on privileged access and privileged credential use. To protect patients’ data and secure privileged accounts, the healthcare industry requires a solution to mitigate credential theft risks and allow easy operational use within existing integration infrastructure.

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Healthcare Remote Access

Integration & Solutions

With the complex integrations and new technological developments, all IT systems implemented within the healthcare industry demand comprehensive and regulatory compliance requirements. With Fudo, you can centrally manage active sessions, identity, and privileged access. Enabling you to generate reports and measure efficiency within your organization. Providing an additional confidence boost, ensuring accountability, risk identification, and performing proactive solutions to changing regulations.

Fudo ensures seamless access and implementation. With Auto-Discovery, you can onboard and quarantine privileged users while managing ghost or old accounts that can be exploited or exposed to credential theft. Maintaining consistent security and managing secrets reinforces your security policy and establishes a solid and robust operational efficiency approach. At the same time, you are able to connect your workforce from around the world remotely.

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Comply With Ever-Chaning Regulations

Learn how Fudo can assist organizations meet compliance regulations mandates. Monitor your integrated IT systems and gain oversight of internal and third-party users

Healthcare Solution To Cybersecurity Threats

Fudo provides healthcare administrators or privileged users with an agentless appliance to secure access to critical systems such as applications or servers. Connecting your workforce, whether the user is on-premise or remotely connected, Fudo is designed to secure vital resources and assets. By applying access control mixed with rules and policies, you establish appropriate access for employees to complete their work without impacting their performance while disabling unwanted code execution within the targeted server.

Securing privileged credentials helps mitigate care delivery risks and build a respectable reputation for your patients, partners, and the overall healthcare community. Human error is just as common as cybercrime. Whether it’s from external or internal threats, implementing Fudo as your Healthcare Remote Access solution, instantly bolsters your security policy. With a grid-like environment for your privileged accounts and the addition of AI-threat prevention, Fudo can identify changes in behavioral patterns of users, instantly flagging the user and blocking their access to your most critical resources. Recognizing your organizations as secure, safe, and reliable.

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Keep track of privileged accounts icon

Prevent & Mitigate Attacks

Protect against insider threats across your infrastructure with active access management and user session monitoring.

Security Recognition as healthcare cybersecurity strategy icon

Security Recognition

Build a strong and secure remote access reputation with your partners and bolser data security with access management.

Audit Compliance as a solution to healthcare cybersecurity issues icon

Compliance Mandates

Ensure compliance regulations mandes are met and demonstrate best practice security solutions.


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