industrial control systems remote access

Mitigate risks with authenticated and authorized access control within your Industrial control systems remote access policy

Industrial Control Systems Remote Access

Energy and Utilities

As with any critical industry, the energy sector is a prime target for cyber threats. Vulnerable to high-profile attacks, history shows that cybercriminals strike at the heart of the energy and industrial infrastructure. The global energy industry requires a viable solution to battle ongoing attacks. As Industrial Control Systems Remote Access attacks increased, global energy leaders need to ensure uninterrupted processes and security outside and inside the IT infrastructure.

Lacking necessary security measures puts the Industrial Control Systems Remote Access policy at risk. Access control to IT systems must contain robust and bolstered security. Compromised 3rd party accounts or intentional attacks correlate with insider threats. Such threats can bring chaos and havoc to the energy industry without an Industrial Control Systems Remote Access policy, causing major disruptions in vital utilities such as oil, gas, electricity, and water.

Industrial Control Systems Remote Access

  • Secure The Network

    Over 80% of targeted attacks involve the misuse of privileged credentials. With Fudo you can set up a solid foundation to a comprehensive cybersecurity policy and secure privileged credentials.

  • Protect Legacy Systems

    Many current systems have been in use for years and aren’t equipped for the demands of the 21st century. Ensure that key components are protected, and no unauthorized access goes unnoticed.

  • Auto Discovery

    Search domain controllers for accounts with different privilege levels and grant account access to connections, ensuring a complete picture of the entire energy network.

  • Segment & Secure

    Enforce a Zero Trust privilege policy from a central point to ensure access flows are not compromised.

Industrial Control Systems Security Strategy and Solutions Image Industrial Control Systems Security Strategy and Solutions Image

Secure your accounts and assets with access management

Learn how Access Management can secure your resurces and create granular environment over your privileged accounts. Establish strong authentication factors and gain oversight of all remote connections

Industrial Control Systems Remote Access

Operational Technology Within The Energy Sector

Operational Technology (OT) networks used proprietary protocols such as Modbus, DNP3, DALI, BACnet, KNX, and more for their required operations and functions. However, recent dynamic changes and IT standards have implemented IT standard protocols. Hence, this has reduced the complexity of OT but composed compatibility with current technology and the cost of security. Before the adaptation, many OT systems relied on air-gapping network security measures, focusing on immutable file systems, isolated network or separated physical location, and data deletion in a given time.

Though, with recent compatibility changes, many claim that an air-gripped network fails to meet the requirements by definition. For example, malware analysis and research areas can use malware samples, DevOps network may need to export testing and quality control results to other production networks. Vendors or contractors can be required to gather data and configure changes to the system, conducting updates within critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Operational technolog within Industrial Control Systems Security Image

Fudo Solution To

Industrial Control Systems Remote Access

Asset Security

Industrial Control Systems Remote Access policy requires comprehensive access and identity control with secured remote connections. Within Operational Technology, energy industry leaders need to manage access for entities that have or may gain access to organizations’ assets. Suspicious and irregular access can bring unnecessary exposure to cyber security risks. From improper access to unauthorized users to credential theft and modifications to internal systems, if left unchecked they carry significant threats and vulnerabilities.

User Management

Fudo establishes access management by maintaining users’ access to entities. With Auto-Discovery, administrators can manage their users’ provisioning and onboard new accounts while quarantining others. At the same time, Just In Time access grants temporary and intervenable access to privileged entities. Access by 3rd party contractors can be controlled while determining access requirements for that particular user.

Access Control

Controlled access is a fundamental security policy.  Access requirements are now associated with resources and assets given to an entity with the proper authentication and authorized factor. With Fudo you can control the targeted entity, pre-plan maintenance, and specify time or schedule when access to critical resources can be granted. Administrators are granted oversight and the possibility to intervene at any time. Bolsters a solid Industrial Control Systems Remote Access policy.

Active Monitoring

With monitored and recorded sessions, all can be played back or watched live. Enabling administrators the additional edge to protect their resources. Fudo enables a controlled environment without the risk or exposure of your central infrastructure. Furthermore, it monitors all users and device gateways, as well as creates multi-layered security policies. With many more built-in features, Fudo allows for distributing granular control over your resources.

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Grid-like Environment

Grant access to resources for privileged accounts with enough permissions to complete the necessary output

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Manage Activity

Bolster your oversight of active sessions and intervene at any time

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Create dynamic policies to block, terminate or pause user sessions


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