Meeting Compliance Mandates

Fudo enables authenticated access and helps to meet compliance regulation mandates. Helping with your business obligations

Regulatory Compliance solutions

Meeting Compliance Mandates

Whether GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, or PCI DSS, securing data and providing a comprehensive approach is a must in today’s world. To counter the risks of the future, compliance regulations and mandates are evolving around the world and in all industries. Protect your data with strong encryptions and secure all remote connections to sensitive components. Make sure that breached data is unreadable and any exploited or breached account disbands any lateral movement with dynamic policies.

Mandates are pushing stringent requirements to make sure that organizations protect vital and sensitive data, including how and when data is accessed. No matter what the demands are and nor which regulatory mandates your organization needs to comply with, Fudo can help you control access to sensitive data, provide secure remote access to resources, whether its on-premise or remotely connected, protect your data through access management policies and help you meet compliance regulation mandates, enhancing your business performance.

compliance solutions to your chanaging regulations

Active Monitoring Solution For Compliance Mandates

Gain oversight and meet regulatory compliance mandates. Spot intrusions with unauthorized access. Trigger dynamic policies to pause, terminate or block suspicious access or activity. Collect evidence for forensic investigation and gain post-incident analysis

Meeting Compliance Mandates


Compliance audits are demanding, complex but necessary.


If your organization breaches certain mandates, or does not comply with regulations the costs can be steep.


With Fudo you’re able to meet compliance requirements with our comprehensive suite of Access Security solutions.

Maintain Compliance

Minimize Regulatory Challenges

Don’t let unmanaged and unprotected privileged accounts create problems in your next compliance audit.  Avoid fines and compliance breaches, use Fudo to ensure your next compliance audit is clear and passed with flying colors. Monitor, Observe & Act Fudo brings forth unmatched session recording, providing organizations with detailed video logs of all active sessions. Enabling you to maintain your audits with regulatory compliance and playback or intervene in any active session. Gaining instant ability to observe an act when necessary!

Fudo will aid you in tracking and monitoring all access to network resources while identifying and authenticating access to critical systems. Keeping your users on a need-to-know basis and ability to restrict access simply with access rules or roles assigned. With Fudo you can focus on what matters to your organization while keeping your costs low. Have a unified system that brings extensive policy for meeting compliance mandates.

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Meeting Compliance Mandates Strategy

Holistic Auditing Ability icon

Holistic Auditing Ability

Present detailed video logs of all session activities without compromising quality.

Continuous Compliance with regulations icon

Continuous Compliance

Identify and ensure that any audit discrepancies are taken care of before they cause issues.

Secure Remote Connection outside office icon

Secure Remote Connection

Employees accessing data outside of the office can have interrupted connection, secure your team with admin oversight and secure remote access.


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