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Unlimited Potential With A Single Secure Acces Provider

Identity is the new parameter for most security initiatives. Clients require robust, secure access for their infrastructures and resources. Steering the need for security solutions that equip your business with innovative access management tools. At Fudo Security we continue to push toward digital transformation by providing secure access and deliver IT security know-how for your business and clients.

We face a common challenge: balancing the needs of business, while at the same time defending against security threats. Despite the unprecedented growth of the cybersecurity industry, security professionals are scarce, and the need for comprehensive and alternative security measures are in demand. This has resulted in opportunities for Managed Service Providers to deliver secure access as an innovative package with cutting-edge access management technology.

Focusing on refining security services and client outreach, With Fudo MSP Partner Program You Can:

  • Generate new opportunities to grow business revenue.

  • Expand innovative services.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction with outstanding support.

  • Integrate with current cybersecurity solutions.

msp partner program msp partner program

Read About Secure Access & Advantage For Your Business!

Created to fulfill partner needs. The program provides agile, secure access services that address client challenges: maximizing partners’ profitability, scalability, retention, and acquisition of current and new clients.

Fudo Managed Services Partner Program Benefits

  • Flexible Price

    Encourages MSPs to continue expanding their services and investment while keeping your purchasing patterns and expanding on customer priorities.

  • New Opportunities

    Offers cutting-edge technology with various security services (access management, secure remote access, privileged session monitoring, AI threat protection, secret manager, efficiency analyzer, and many more!)

  • Quick deployment

    Delivers quick deployment and quicker operations, increasing your value and cashflow.

  • Secure Scalability Delivery

    Regardless of the size of the business or the complex infrastructure, Fudo Security delivers high-value services towards your customers, gaining enterprise-grade security.

  • Independent support

    Tackle security issues with our cyber security professionals and technical support.

Gaining Fudo Security as an MSP Partner

By collaborating with Fudo Security as an MSP Partner, you attain solutions that benefit and provide customers with innovative security incentives—offering access to integrated solutions and fusing Fudo with SASE and ZTNA frameworks, achieving holistic security of your digital assets. Our Partner program is designed to provide cost-effective and secure solutions to manage user access and resources. Adapt to modern IT and business trends by connecting your vast workforce remotely across the globe.

With seamless and rapid deployment, an agentless solution, flexible integration, and a vast amount of supported protocols, Fudo Security offers you and your clients a cost-effective solution. The Fudo MSP model provides security skills, knowledge, and a flexible pricing strategy, which is easy to implement and support. Gain biometric AI technology with leading-edge monitoring systems to secure your client’s infrastructure from internal and external threats!

Learn More About Fudos As Secure Access Provider!

  • Webinars

    Take a look at our recent webinars and learn about secure access solutions!

  • Podcasts

    Watch our MSP podcast and learn how Fudo can be incorporated within your business!

  • MSP Content Package

    Download our MSP package and share it with your clients!

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