Operational Technology Security

Fudo enables access control and managing platform to maintain privileged users and privileged access to critical resources.

Enable Authenticated Access

Gain Oversigh Of Critical Resources

Whether securing a privileged user or complex industrial systems such as SCADA, Fudo enables easy access management through a centralized access control system. With dynamic rules and policies, Fudo provides administrators with oversight of their infrastructure and secures both privileged users and access to resources, creating a strong operational technology security policy.

Secure your resources by creating a grid-like environment within your organization. Ensuring that each element has access to specific resources they are initially required to operate. Disbanding any lateral movement within the organization that does not contain proper authentication or authorization. Fudo, ‘hides’ vital resources by applying access rights, preventing security breaches from exposed or corrupted devices or accounts. Additionally, you can add policy layers to all user accounts, ensuring that any attempt in unauthorized connection gets terminated and/or red-flagged. For example, specific devices or users can have a policy created to limit their operation in command execution.

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Access Management A Solution To Authenticate and Authorize Users

Learn how to authenticate and authorize user management. Create a grid-like environment and gain oversight of all active sessions. Secure your critical resources and enable granular control over your infrastructure

Operational Technology Security


Authentication and authorization of user access to vital resources or assets.


Insider breaches can steal data, abuse privileged accounts or disrupt your services.


With Fudo you can monitor all active sessions while creating a grid-like environment for your privileged users and critical resources. Provide admin oversight and watch over active sessions.

Adapt To Modern Threats

Ensure Security To Valuable Assets

Allow for vendors or 3rd party engineers, to gain access to OT networks via remote access. With a full secured scope and admin oversight, ensuring all valuable assets are not tempered with. Authenticate the 3rd parties with great access control and user authentication and authorization.

With a controlled environment, you mitigate the risk of exposure for your central infrastructure. Fudo, acting as a proxy between the users and your network, enhances your operational technology security policy. Provides great monitoring sessions for users and gateways, while with the ambitious secret manager, you can secure user credentials and manage password changer policies to follow your internal regulations. Bolstering granular control over your users and resources.

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Operational Technology Security

Attain Oversight & Access Control

Monitored & Recorded Session Icon

Archive Video Logs

Back up session recording over to external storage and keep your archives even more secure.

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Set Obligations

Maintain dynamic rules and obligations for both employees and 3rd parties.

Observe, Authenticate, Connect

Observe, Authenticate, Connect

Intervene at any time and archive video logs of all session activities. Create dynamic policies and rules for your most privileged accounts. With Just In Time, you can grant temporary access to critical resources and maintain admin supervision and intervention for all active sessions while allowing 3rd party contractors to connect securely via remote workstations with admin oversight.


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