Operational Technology Security

Fudo enables access control and managing platform to maintain privileged users and Privileged access to critical resources.

Secure Your Industrial Process

Whether it is securing a privileged user or complex industrial systems such as SCADA, Fudo enables easy management of access resources through complex rules and policies. Securing both privileged user access and privileged resources. Providing administrators oversight of their infrastructure.

Secure your resources by creating a grid-like environment within your organization. Ensuring that each element has access to specific resources they are initially required to operate for both user and device, disbanding any lateral movement within the organization that does not contain proper authentication or access. It hides the resources preventing security breaches from exposed or corrupted devices. Additionally, you can add policy layers to all devices and user accounts, ensuring that any attempt in unauthorized connection gets terminated and/or red-flagged. For example, specific devices or users can have a policy created to limit their operation in command execution.


Authentication and authorization of user access to resources


Insider breaches can steal data or disrupt your services.


With Fudo you can monitor all active sessions as well as create a grid like environment for your privileged users and critical resources.



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Active Session Monitoring

Intervene at any time and archive video logs of all session activities.

Audit Compliance as a solution to healthcare cybersecurity issues icon

Dynamic Security Policies

Create dynamic policies and rules to your most privileged accounts.

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Controlled Access

With Just In Time you can grant temporary access to critical resources, and maintain admin supervision and intervention.


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