Fudo Security Expands Critical Enterprise IT Infrastructure Protection

BOLL Becomes Certified Distributor Of Fudo Security In The DACH Region

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What is Session Monitoring?

What is session monitoring exactly?   In essence, session monitoring enables administrators or security officers to monitor critical environments within an organization. Administrative users must keep an eye on sensitive and critical systems within their organizations to ensure the security and supervision of their resources. Session monitoring allows oversight of resources, users, and their access. […]

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SSH and RDP Vulnerabilities

SSH and RDP: Remote Access solutions and vulnerabilities. Remote access has increased in use over the last several months. We see an increase in the use of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH) within mainstream uses in a variety of fields and industries. However, alongside the increase of Remote Access, we also see […]

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Remote Access: VPNs, and Zero Trust

Remote Access The past two years show changes within Secure Remote Access, working from home, and VPN use. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adaptation of secure remote access and Work From Home (WFH). However, not without its challenges. Organizations are pressured to focus on cybersecurity, productivity, and resource/data protection as more cyber threats and […]

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