Privileged Session Monitoring

Monitor active sessions and identify suspicious activity in real-time

Privileged Session Monitoring


With most proactive security strategies, it may still not be enough to secure your business from internal threats. The lack of visibility into resources or lack of control and visibility into activity increases internal security threats. Businesses with critical assets or privileged users need to contain a management process of access and control of their environment.

Without dynamic policies to privileged accounts, such users can exploit their access or be a target for an external attacker. Privileged Session Monitoring, enables an easy identification system of suspicious behavior and mitigation of risks with easy administration intervention if required.

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Unraveling The Challenges

  • User Activity Monitoring

    Fudo enables active monitoring of users to critical resources. Allows administrative oversight of all active sessions, flagging suspicious activity for admin intervention

  • Recorded Video Archives

    With precise session playback, security officers can watch an entire session & with our biometric technology registered keystrokes and mouse movement can easily identify any wrong-doings or suspicious activity, maintaining full transparency within the workforce

  • Session Collaboration

    With dynamic policies set for users, remote employees or 3rd party contractors can be given access to necessary resources with administrative oversight. Administrators can collaborate under one session, working alongside the remote user, where each user action is recorded separately

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Best Security Practices

Monitor Securely & Bolster Your Insider Threat Prevention Policy

Privileged Session Monitoring offers incredible insider threat prevention, for all remote or on-premise users. Enhances collaboration with employees or 3rd party contractors and enables transparency within the workforce and security.

With additional features such as Optical Character Recognition administrators can search for specific keywords within the session, ensuring in-depth analysis and creating session timestamps that are invaluable for forensic evidence in court.

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