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Valuable Data Within Your Enterprise

Ransomware remains a serious threat, and attacks like Colonial Pipeline, have shown how crippling and disruptive they can be to any organization. The average amount of reported ransomware transactions per month in 2021 was $102.3 million. It is important for organizations to keep their employees educated, informed, aware of cyber security threats and ransomware prevention solutions.

In the case of ransomware attacks, similar to data leaks or breaches, the attackers require privileged level access and permission to execute payloads or move laterally within the system, giving them full ability to exfilrate data. Here is where security discipline and awareness greatly impact organizations. However, organizations still require governing and defense tools to mitigate these risks. Establishing safe and secured access to critical resources.

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Active Monitoring Solution For Ransomware attacks

Gain oversight and spot Ransomware intrusions with unauthorized access prevention. Trigger dynamic policies to pause, terminate or block suspicious access or activity. Collect evidence for forensic investigation and gain post-incident analysis

Ransomware Prevention


Ransomware attacks are a clear and present danger disrupting businesses and organizations on an unprecedented scale


Porous access. Unmanaged or unknown privileged user accounts can lead criminals to access desktops, laptops, and servers


With Fudo you’re able to mitigate access, prevent credential exposure and stop lateral movement keeping your data and vital resources secure

Ransomware Prevention

Reduce The Threat Surface

Ransomware remains one of the main threats to businesses and organizations around the world. With Fudo you’re able to reduce and prevent lateral movement and the consequences of damaging your key assets.

Understand what’s going on, no matter where and by whom. Ensure proper remote access and make RDP sessions transparent. Step in when you see risky or suspicious activity.

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Fudo Solution

A Powerful Tool Against Ransomware

Ransomware will continue to plague our world in the next few years that’s why you must do all you can to ensure your organization has holistic protection. It all starts with users and systems. Whether malware is executed by accident or on purpose it will encrypt and lock access to all systems until payment is given to the criminals responsible. Even this cannot be guaranteed, that’s why it’s always the best policy not to cooperate with ransomware criminals.

As Ransomware malware is delivered and spread through email attachments, storage devices, and applications, all these vectors have one thing in common: the user who activates it. The ideal way to protect against such incidents and mitigate a disastrous beach is to put the spotlight on privileged users and access control.

By limiting access, and keeping a watchful eye on user activity – in particular, privileged users- Fudo allows organizations to have a powerful tool against one of the most alarming cybersecurity threats, attaining a great ransomware prevention solution.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Privileged Access Fundations

Keep Your Organization's Efficiency icon

Keep Your Organization's Efficiency

Ransomware attacks greatly disrupt organizations' means to operate in the global economy.

Secure Resources & Gateways icon

Secure Resources & Gateways

Mitigate data breaches with rich policies and access control. Providing you with the additional security boost.

Bolster Your Security Policy icon

Bolster Your Security Policy

Don't rely on outdated technology, Fudo works as a proxy between your users and resources. Keep your most crucial data secured.

Educated, Control, and Approve icon

Educated, Control, and Approve

Fudo offers outstanding session recording technology, giving organizations the ability to learn from their mistakes or train users based on real-life examples. Additionally, with access control, you can set up users with appropriate access to necessary resources, avoiding lateral movement within your organization. Additionally, with 4-eye authentication, you gain admin approval for the most critical assets.


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