Secure Your Remote Access Connections
Mitigate Remote Access Risks

Full Control Over Level Of Access

Password Management & Secret Manager

Strong Rule & Policy configuration

Bolster your data integrity and secure your remote workforce

Layer Security & Access Management

  • Avoid Traditional Access Methods

    Dont rely on protocol security, with Fudo Secure Remote Access you gain authentiction with Just In TIme access to third party vendors or contractors.

  • Acts as an asset in Zero Trust and SASE framework

    Implement Privileged Session Monitoring and Access Management tools bolsters the security policy of the organization and extend Zero Trust solutions with innovative session monitoring system. Providing full admin control over active and archived sessions to critical resources.

Mitigate remote access risk

Monitored & Recorded Session Icon

Dont rely on VPN technology

Step 1.

Enable secured remote access within your workforce icon

Maintain complex and dynamic policies

Step 2.

Audit Compliance as a solution to healthcare cybersecurity issues icon

Control and manage Privileged Access

Step 3.

Security Recognition as healthcare cybersecurity strategy icon

Automate Password Changer functionality

Step 4.


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