Secret Manager

Automatically manage credentials on your monitored servers

Secret Manager


Automated IT infrastructures contain some sort of privileged accounts that have access to valuable applications or data. These accounts often are targeted by attackers to gain unauthorized access to critical information or secrets.

As secrets are used in almost every aspect of an IT infrastructure, from SSH Keys, Certificates, API Keys, Encryption Keys, and even privileged account credentials, they need to be enforced within an organization’s security policy. Enabling authenticated and authorized access.

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Unraveling The Challenges

  • Automate login credentials

    Fudo can be set up to automatically manage login credentials on monitored servers and periodically change passwords at specified time intervals (e.g. 1 hour). The secret manager module supports password changing on the following systems: Unix, My SQL, Cisco, Cisco Enable Password, MS Windows.

  • Application to Application Password Manager (AAPM)

    The AAPM module enables secure passwords exchange between applications. The AAPM module supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, and BSD family operating systems.

  • Custom Password Changer

    Fudo features password changers, which enable managing credentials to privileged accounts on monitored servers. Password changers run on a separate transport layer: SSH, LDAP, Telnet or WinRM, and you can either use one of the built-in ones or create your own script. You can also write custom plugins and upload them to your Fudo.

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Best Security Practices

Manage and secure your credentials on monitored servers

Secret manager allows organizations to enforce a strong security policy on their privileged accounts and monitored servers. Keep your credentials secured in a convenient way. With a defined password policy, you bolster your security and with AAPM you can securely exchange passwords within your application environment.

With Fudo Secret Manager you offer your administrators oversight and a central point to keep their secrets encrypted. Admins can now set a defining policy to set the frequency of password changers and their strengths. Additionally, it allows security officers to control access to these secrets providing a more thorough security policy as Fudo logs all data and all changes within the Dashboard admin portal.

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