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    FRIENDS, FAMILY, FUDO, FudoSquad begins with an F – all of these apply to us – that’s our Fudo-World.

    It may sound like a cliche but we are a group of ambitious people who are passionate about what we do and we motivate each other to grow. This is who we are. 🙂 Step by step we reach for higher and better things. Our goal is to spread across many countries in North America and beyond. We work and aspire to be visible in the UNIVERSE.

    As people we are all DIFFERENT, but we believe that’s our strength. We all work together just like a well-oiled machine – just like our solution Fudo PAM – which is made by many different components and with everyone’s help it keeps organisations safe.

    We know each other well, even when we are OUT OF THE OFFICE. It’s obvious that each of us has a private life outside the company, but we enjoy our free time together. Sometimes we want to share great moments with each other. What about you? How was your weekend?

    As a security company we take care of our clients, but also – our people. We often say STAY SAFE! We do it so well that we’ve even created our own emoji with it! It was inspired by our Quality Assurance Team who approves this message so we can share it with you.

    Our QUALITY efforts are visible everywhere. Our new employees mention the high quality of our recruitment process, clients say that we are improving client contact and support, our office and amenities are top notch, and finally – every day we move Fudo PAM on a higher level thanks to our Development and QA Team.

    We are HIGH QUALITY because our people are THE BEST QUALITY. 😉

    QUALITY matters, we know it, we live it.

    U like U2 – you too can be a #FudoSquad member and take part in our interests and hobbies. We work together, but also relax together by playing board games, Xbox, ping-pong, being active and playing all kinds of sports. What’s more – we even have our own music band – FudoBand, which plays for us during integration events. They will play for you too. 🙂


    Straight A’s… 🙂 Our company’s ACTIONS show that we are trying to keep a close APPROACH to our people, find mutual AGREEMENT for everyone. We often ask staff about their opinion and feedback, we work according to high professional standards but at the same time we stay cool. This ATTITUDE together with many positive daily gestures creates mutual ACCEPTANCE and empathy builds the best ATMOSPHERE.

    As an IT company we know how to DEVELOP. Our product is built 100% by our own people and our creativity. It is the same with our identity. We don’t use ready – made solutions, we develop them ourselves. We ask, we talk, we make plans and implement them. This applies to every area of our company life.
    As a new employee, you will notice this from the beginning during your onboarding process.
    We’ve developed it all by ourselves, and we always improve thanks to great feedback from everyone. This is what we do, we believe that you can always do something even better and that’s what we aim for.

    F U D O S Q U A D
    F U D O S Q U A D
    F U D O S Q U A D

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