Transportation Ransomware Prevention

Apply a great cybersecurity strategy and mitigate cyber threats with access control and active monitoring solutions

Transportation Ransomware Prevention

Industry Evolution

With the ever-present and continuous evolution of threats in the Transportation Industry, new challenges appear for the sector. Previous standalone or ‘air-gapped’ systems need to change their business objectives by improving efficiency, meeting compliance requirements, and lowering their cost. Cybersecurity In Transportation, is now a shifting parameter where the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Transporation Systems (ITS) begin to be adapted and integrated with transportation infrastructure. Internet connectivity with the world has brought new cybersecurity frameworks that affect the global transportation industry.

For Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) the transportation sector comprises seven sub-sectors: Aviation, Mass Transit and Passenger Rail, Pipeline Systems, Highway and Motor Carrier, Maritime Transportation System, Freight Rail, and Postal and Shipping. Needless to say the vast array of this sector, its interconnectivity, and its impact on global commerce and trade, make it a very tempting target for rogue agents and cybercriminals. 

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Best Practice

Transportation Ransomware Prevention

Protect System Components icon

Protect System Components

Transportation sectors require a comprehensive system to control and protect system components. Effectively Identifying and authenticating users as well as their access.

Modern Integration icon

Modern Integration

As organizations and systems become more integrated, many Operational Technology systems such as SCADA are increasingly incorporating with the internet. Becoming more vulnerable to cyber security threats.

Comply With Regulations icon

Comply With Regulations Mandates

Improve your compliance regulation and gain oversight of privileged accounts and new contractors. Improving collaboration of within employees and workflow management.

Transportation Ransomware Prevention

Control Systems Vulnerabilities Within IT Transportation Infrastrucutre

Many critical systems are left to obscure legacy systems without any true digital transformation changes. Now as technology and innovation change many aspects of cybersecurity in transportation sector have seen a rise of more interconnected pathways and operational changes. The developing market has made it clear that corporate networks, business systems, and other frameworks broadcast even more gaps and access areas where weaknesses may be exploited.

An increase in modern transportation IT operations means an increase in users and applications. The IT transportation challenges focus on control system vulnerabilities. Administrative accounts are actively used to access and extract data. Management of large operations for businesses requires numerous privileged or administrative accounts and even 3rd party contractors to access the network’s critical systems, whether it’s on-premise or remotely.

This makes it difficult to manage these accounts and provides an adequate oversight monitoring system. Furthermore, Transportation Ransomware Prevention strategy needs to support and maintain the large and vast connections within OT and IT transportation systems. Remote access must be visible and allow administrators to intervene at any given moment, mitigating any intentional or unintentional compromise of the business infrastructure while establishing controlled and secured access to system components.

Unauthorized access to any system can cause disruption to industry operations such as data exfiltration, denial of service operations to damage of internal systems. Control systems, as well as privileged users, are at great risk of compromise. Strategic solutions need to be met by transportation organizations to mitigate and prevent exploitation through privileged credentials to vital assets. Furthermore, the transportation sectors must maintain their cybersecurity standards with integrated IT components and govern compliance with comprehensive and proficient oversight to all system components and resources.

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SECURE YOUR ACCOUNTS AND ASSETS WITH Transportation Ransomware Prevention

Enable Access Management and secure your resources with granular control environment over your privileged accounts. Establish strong authentication factors and gain oversight of all remote connections

Fudo Solution To

Securing The Transportation Sector Industry

The strategy for Transportation Ransomware Prevention industry requires secured privileged accounts along with secrets and credentials. Privileged accounts operate almost everywhere within the transportation sector, used for various purposes to access databases, applications, servers, confidential data, or other system components. Fudo provides a comprehensive solution to prevent security breaches from access abuse.

Remote connections, whether connecting by RDP, SSH, or VNC protocols, are an element that can be exploited by attackers through vulnerabilities, granting access to any of the system components and providing lateral movement within your infrastructure. Fudo enables access management with dynamic policies to prevent any movement within your organization. Granting narrow access rights, allows users to complete their objectives yet stay within their boundaries. To further secure your resources, Fudo offers four eye authentication to vital components which bolster access control and provide your organization with secured means of approval.

While with a secret manager you can safeguard your administrators, preventing privileged access abuse. With the addition of an active monitoring system and access control, administrators can grant access and supervise 3rd party contractors. Moreover, it brings a supervisory and regulatory component to your organization, meeting and improving on privileged access, keeping it sterile from security threats.

Additionally, Fudo ensures continuous security policy to be applied in all measures that help organizations push the highest standards of compliance. As various data security and cybersecurity regulations are mandatory: from GDPR and ISO 27001. They are driving the sector to follow and adhere to stringent new rules. provide the right way to handle data.

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Proactive Monitoring

Supervise access to your infrastructure and intervene at any moment.

Safeguard Administrators

Protect your privileged access with different authentication methods and allow four eye approval to most critical resources.

Access Management

Provide adequate and controlled access to your privileged accounts.


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