Securing the energy sector from cyber attacks

22 mar 2022 10:00 AM (CET)
30 minutes
23 mar 2022 9:00 AM (PT)
30 minutes

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Past webinars

Securing the energy sector from cyber attacks

23 March, 10:00 am

Zero Trust Essentials- What the C-suite must know

17 March, 10:00 am

Cybersecurity Insights for CISOs

13 December, 10:00 am
30 minutes
We must ask ourselves:Are CISOs and other executives drawing the right conclusions from the storm of attacks and challenges this past year? Do they understand how the threat scape has evolved, where certain patterns will remain and where others begin to arise. As we near the end of the year, it’s time to take stock, and assess. Cyberattacks dominated our headlines throughout the year, and caused massive disruptions across the board.

Cybersecurity 2021- Insights for CISOs

02 December, 12:00 am
45 minutes
All organizations are unique, of course, but certain challenges are widely shared. Learn what security concerns other CISOs and security leaders are focused on in 2021...

The challenge of securing transportation IT systems

09 November, 12:00 am
45 minutes
- What are the current threats facing transportation IT systems - What can be done to mitigate cyber risk - What are some of the operational and security challenges - Discover an insightfu use case for the transportation sector

Zero Trust – Securing Critical Infrastructure

21 September, 10:00 am
20 minutes
Zero Trust - Securing Critical Infrastructure
In recent months we have seen a surge of high-profile cyberattacks on nearly every sector. Colonial Pipeline shook the average citizen and was a portent of things that could come to pass.

Fudo PAM and Healthcare

08 June, 10:00 am
60 minutes
JUNE 8th TUES 10:00 CET / JUNE 10th THURS 17:00 CET

Securing Modern Industry and Manufacturing

21 June, 10:30 am
60 minutes
JUNE 21st MON 10:30 CET / JUNE 24th THURS 16:30 CET


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