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If you want to stay ahead of the competition and provide your clients and employees with the highest standard of data protection, you’re in the right place. Embrace an innovative solution that has been repeatedly awarded for its modern features.

Manage remote access according to the latest standards, including Zero-Trust. You decide the timing and scope of permissions for each employee at any given moment.

Be one of the industry leaders who provide secure access to servers, databases, web applications, and network/OT devices. With the support of artificial intelligence, monitor user activities and block any suspicious actions.

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Use cases:


Utilize an excellent tool that ensures secure remote access for all users connecting to your company’s IT infrastructure. You can achieve this through the Web Access Gateway, strong authentication, Just-in-Time access, and session monitoring. Fudo Enterprise, backed by artificial intelligence, will help you prevent any breaches.

With Fudo Enterprise, you can create a user-friendly work environment through centralized access for internal administrators, DevOps, SysOps, and other privileged users. By managing credentials and providing native protocol support, engineers in your company will be able to use their favorite tools to connect to servers and applications.

Elevate your company and its security in a modern way. VPN is an outdated tool built on the principle of a castle and moat (cross the moat — gain full access to the castle). Take it a step further and operate with Fudo Enterprise. Easy deployment process, no agent required, lightning-fast configuration, rapid onboarding of new users, centralized access, session monitoring, AI support, and breach prevention provide you with a more convenient and secure solution.

Analyze, detect, identify, and respond.
Session recording, one of the features of Fudo Enterprise, enables you to analyze events. With Fudo, you’ll be able to uncover the object or individual responsible for breaching security procedures. Specific incidents can be detected by using keyword search. The OCR mechanism will assist you in determining the location and time of appearance of a given phrase. Utilize timestamp markings in the recording and, if necessary, employ them as evidence in legal proceedings.

Gain Superpowers With

Fudo Enterprise empowers you with the ability to control access to critical system resources. As an IT administrator, you’ll be able to swiftly respond to attack attempts and block unauthorized access or suspicious sessions.

Acquire a modern data  possibilities for you to effectively secure your company’s data. Utilize data encryption, access control, user activity auditing, and rest easy knowing the safety of the IT systems you’re responsible for.

Worried about phishing? With Fudo Enterprise, you no longer need to be… Access control to IT systems, including user accounts, allows you to effectively shield yourself from such attacks.

You can also say goodbye to worries about ransomware attacks. With Fudo Enterprise, you have full control over access to system resources. This means that ransomware hackers won’t succeed in installing software aimed at encrypting and taking over your data.

Want more? Read about additional features:

  1. Together with Fudo Enterprise, safeguard your critical systems through continuous verification, network traffic control, and detection of suspicious sessions. All of this provides you with the opportunity for swift response when undesired events occur.

  2. Be a consummate professional. Fudo Enterprise assists you in building a company image rooted in modern solutions that prioritize security. With an advanced data protection system, you gain the trust of your employees, partners, and clients.

  3. Protect your assets with AI. Thanks to evolving artificial intelligence support, you can monitor, react to, and block suspicious sessions within your company. AI is capable of creating a virtual fingerprint of an employee (each of us has an individual way of using a computer, typing speed, mouse movement, etc.). By analyzing user behaviors during work, artificial intelligence can detect deviations from the norm and block sessions.

Harness the possibilities offered by innovative solutions. With an active monitoring system and AI-driven user behavior analysis, you can verify whether a session is suspicious. If it is, the system will automatically block it and notify you.

Build your own password modifier in just a few minutes using pre-defined templates. With the Secret Manager Module, you can rest assured that your authentication data will never leave the Fudo system.

Grant and revoke access as needed. Remember, data leakage threats can occur both inside and outside the company. Following the Zero-Trust principle, you can grant access to specific resources only at specific times for a set duration.

Nobody likes changing their habits. Your users won’t have to either. With Fudo Enterprise, they can continue using native clients or connect through the Fudo Web Client, accessible via a web browser.

How Our Clients Recommend Us:

First of all, we were amazed at how fast Fudo could be deployed and implemented within our organization. The migration was extremely fast and seamless. We use Fudo for privileged user access. Most important, among all the security features, Fudo’s fully agentless nature makes it a great choice for our Connecting Admins, as they can still use SSH and RDP as they used to.
We use Fudo as remote access for third parties. It’s very easy to congure and very convenient for our collaborators. With Web Access Gateway, we don’t have to worry about complicated onboarding and our system conguration. As a result, we feel much safer knowing exactly what they are doing with our servers and databases.
We recently switched to Fudo from a dierent provider and were pleasantly surprised how quickly Fudo was implemented and how seamless the process was. Fudo has made our lives easier and has freed up time for all of us to be more ecient and for our organization to feel safe.

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