Secure Access

With Session Monitoring &

AI-Powered Breach Prevention

the most comprehensive access platform for

your Admins, DevOps,

and Third Parties.

Agentless Access that Engineers love

With Fudo, users can get access to Unix/Windows servers, applications and devices quickly and easily. Users will not have to change their habits and can continue to use native clients like Unix Terminals, RDCMan, or Putty. They can also connect through the Fudo Web Client which only needs a web browser for access.


Using the JIT feature, you can create access workflows that adhere to the Zero-Trust approach. Through the request management section, you can easily define and schedule when a specific resource is available to a certain user and control it accordingly.

Cutting-edge session
monitoring & recording

Fudo allows you to permanently monitor and record all the ongoing sessions for 10+ protocols, including SSH, RDP, VNC, and HTTPS. You can watch the session live or use the footage for post-mortem analysis. Both the server and end user computers do not require any agents. Furthermore, Fudo offers the ability to join the session, sharing, pausing, and terminating, as well as great tools like OCR and tagging for better searching capabilities.

AI-Driven Breach Prevention

AI will assist CISOs in their day-to-day responsibilities by providing necessary guidelines and easing the verification and monitoring process. According to behavioral and semantic schemes interpreted by the system, you will be notified once a session is identified as suspicious.

Rapid deployment

As a company, our top priority is to uphold all aspects of our mission competently, meticulously, and fluently. Fudo is an All-In-One solution, which means there are no additional costs nor subsidiary software required to initiate your own instance. Everything you will need is guaranteed within the core of either the appliance or the virtual machine, and guess what—the installation process can be finalized in literally one day.

A security tool tailored to

SMBs' needs.

Secure Access for the most

demanding environments.

With the introduction of Fudo, we were able to offer our service
providers safer and more efficient connections to our servers.