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Fudo 5.3

Implemented Server Pools, Enhanced Key Functions of Access Gateway and AI Module.

Secure Your Infrastructure

  • Manage, Monitor, Connect

    Enable access to integrated solutions and fuse Fudo with SASE and ZTNA frameworks to ensure total security of current digital interactions. Control access to privileged accounts and vital resources, with complete oversight of active user sessions from the top leading monitoring system. Provide your vast, remote workforce with secure access to all of your resources and grant third-party contractors quick access in just a few clicks!

manage monitor connect image manage monitor connect image

Observe, Supervise & Moderate Remote User Session Activity

  • Record all protocol traffic and metadata

    Precise session playback and full-text content search. Enable viewing current connections and intervening in a monitored session in case the administrator notices a potential misuse of access rights

  • Web-based session player

    Administrators can view users session, join a session, and collaborate with the user

  • Optical Character Recognition

    RDP, VNC and rendered HTTP sessions can be processed and indexed for full-text search purposes

  • AI Session Processing

    Detect changes in user behaviour and alerts administrator if there is an unusually high number of connections or a particular session is longer than expected

monitor user activity image monitor user activity image

Enable Secure Remote Connection For Your Workforce

  • Multiple Support Protocols

    HTTP, Modbus, MS SQL (TDS), MySQL, RDP, SSH, Telnet 3270, Telnet 5250, Telnet, VNC, X11, and TCP

  • Dynamic rules and policies

    Set policies to avoid unwanted command execution and trigger defined pattern sets

  • AI-Threat Protection

    Detect changes in user behavior and determine if user credentials have been compromised

  • Join a session and pause or terminate the connection

    Archive recorded user sessions, allowing to playback, review, delete and export to the supported video formats

Secure Remote Access from anywhere in the office image Secure Remote Access from anywhere in the office image

Authentication & Authorization To Critical Resources

  • Strong Authentication Methods

    Certificate-based authentication, SSH Public key, OATH, LDAP and Active Directory

  • Quick Access

    Schedule or approve immediate access with Just-In-Time requests

  • Several Authentication Modes

    Establish connection with the target system using original user credentials or substituting them with values stored locally or fetched from a password vault

access management for your infrastructure access management for your infrastructure

Discover Your Full Potential

Find Your Industry

  • Healthcare

    Gain visibility into user sessions. Control access to critical resources and meet compliance mandates, whether under HIPAA, GDPR, or other!

  • Fintech

    Be alerted of suspicious behaviour and establish grid-like environment to keep critical resources safe!

  • Transportation

    Protect vital system components, enable user authorization and authentication within your infrastructure!

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Protect your legacy systems and create secure remote connections whether it by a third party or on-prem employees!

Fudo offering Cybersecurity in transportation solution image Fudo offering Cybersecurity in transportation solution image

Gain The Additional Security Edge For Your Business

Meeting Your Secure Access Needs

Fudo Security delivers technology that ensures you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency or effectiveness and guarantees that your organization remains secure. We empower large enterprises and SMBs to fulfill their dynamic security needs.

With Fudo you can rely on seamless integration and a leading secure access solution. Fudo is all about making your life easier, saving your organization time, so you can focus on your business goals, and not get bogged down with complicated security platforms or confusing conglomerate cross-selling.

Find Your Solution Based On Your Needs


  • Secure Remote Access

    Manage Secure Access for your servers, applications, vendors and more! Create a secure connection to your most vital resources.

  • Privileged Access Management

    Manage privileged accounts and credentials, establish a Zero Trust policy within your workforce!

  • Privileged Session Monitoring

    Enable user session monitoring and allow visibility within your workforce. Identify source incidents and increase your incident response!

  • Efficiency Analyzer

    Manage and report users’ actions with precise activity and ideal time information. With session analysis feedback, you can identify sessions, users, and third- party contractors' activity parameters!

  • Secret Manager

    Automatically manage login credentials on your monitored servers while periodically changing passwords for your personalized time intervals!

measure productivity with fudo Efficiency Analyzer image measure productivity with fudo Efficiency Analyzer image
Session monitoring of privileged users fudo pam

Unmatched session monitoring

Privileged Session Monitoring
Including HTTP(S)/RDP/SSH recording

AI powered threat prevention fudo PAM

AI-powered prevention

AI Threat Prevention
Automate your security with
Unique Biometric Analysis

one day rapid deployment fudo pam


You can deploy Fudo on-prem or virtually in just a day!

Zero Trust Paradigm

Securely Authenticate & Connect Your Vast Workfroce To Critical Assets

Learn About Zero Trust
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Active Monitoring

Gain user session visibility, allow admin intervenance and provide supervision with active monitoring.

Keep Your Organization's Efficiency icon

Remote Access

Safely connect to remote assets and establish secure connections from around the world, embracing your vast workforce.

Mainain access control

Access Management

Mainain access control with authenticated and authorized access to critical resources.


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With the introduction of Fudo PAM we were able to offer our service providers safer and more efficient connections to our servers. We are very pleased with Fudo’s Password Management solution as well as its reliability and efficiency.

Marcus Gabriel IT system administrator

We know the Fudo solution for many years. The presentation of its’ performance has made a solid impression on us.

Marvin Sontberg IT Team Leader

In the search for a suitable IT security solution, and after careful evaluation and testing of two other PAM providers we ultimately decided to choose Fudo PAM.

Oliver Ernst Head of IT
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