PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Fudo 5.3! Implemented Server Pools, Enhanced Key Functions of Access Gateway and AI Module.

08.11.2022 03:15
Newark, CA – November 7th, 2022– Fudo Security, a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions worldwide, today announced new capabilities to its award-winning PAM solution.
Key features of Fudo 5.3 include:
1. Implemented Server Pools:

Those are objects that serve grouping purposes of the servers.

A Server Pool can be assigned to an Account so that many servers are managed as one.

2. Upgraded Fudo PAM’s AI Module:
if any suspicious action is detected, the system executes a pre-defined policy configuration and notifies an administrator about the possible security breach.
Implemented a brand new section with AI models that reflects statistics about their training quality.
The upgrading process removes the configuration of existing AI models and adds new models which need to be manually enabled.
3. Access Gateway:
1) Saves tabs with recent connections established via the Web client. Sessions that were left in the opened tabs are saved and can be reconnected by a user after logging back in to the Access Gateway. 2) Allows selecting time when sending a scheduled type of the Just-in-Time access request. 3) Enables filtering out the servers by the Server Description field. Fudo Security’s PAM solution is the simplest way for remote users to safely access servers, applications, and systems. In addition to offering the world’s leading session recording tool, Fudo PAM also detects suspicious activity by employees or hackers using stolen credentials. The award-winning, agentless solution can be deployed in a matter of days.
About Fudo Security

Fudo Security is a leading innovator in the cybersecurity world with offices in Europe and Silicon Valley. Deployed in more than 30 countries and trusted by hundreds of organizations, Fudo Security’s mission is to protect both large and small organizations against privileged user threats. Its solutions include Secure Remote Access, Privileged Access Management, and Zero Trust Network Access.

Fudo Security’s products allow monitoring the activity of users with access to critical assets. Additionally, Fudo Security’s solutions help manage password policies and alert immediately in case of any suspicious behavior. Fudo Security has been awarded several accolades, including being listed in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass. The company’s hundreds of customers include financial institutions, energy companies as well as the public sector.

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Media Contact: Diana Fandul
Fudo Security