Fudo One:

Frequently Asked Questions

Fudo One, in its basic version (3 users and 3 servers), will always be free to use.

Yes, adding a user is possible by extending the free version with a paid license. The paid license can be purchased here: https://fudosecurity.com/de/buy-the-license-form/

No, there is no option to buy an additional server. But by purchasing additional users, you gain access to 100 servers.

Yes, you must purchase a minimum of four additional users.

To expand the capabilities of Fudo One, follow these steps:

1. Visit: https://fudosecurity.com/de/product/fudo-one/download-for-free/
2. Download the free image of Fudo One
3. Use the form to contact the Fudo Security team, specifying your needs: https://fudosecurity.com/de/buy-the-license-form/  

The serial number is the eight-digit number shown at the bottom of the Fudo One admin screen.

Yes, Fudo One has user and server limits.

Fudo One Free: the service is limited to 3 users and 3 servers.

Fudo One: you can extend the license by 100 users (paid per user), and the maximum number of servers is 100 (regardless of the number of users).

Fudo One (in free and paid versions) is dedicated to Small and Medium Businesses.
If your organization needs protection for more than 100 users and 100 servers, see the comparison of Fudo One and Fudo Enterprise offerings: https://fudosecurity.com/de/product/comparison/.

Fudo One Free: you can use the Community Support channel on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/kmkbnBYdWe.

Fudo One: you can use the Community Support channel on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/kmkbnBYdWe. The terms of Fudo One Technical Support (ticketing system, e-mail) are specified in the document „Fudo One Support Plan,“ which each user receives by email together with the purchased license.

Fudo Security Support Team does not accept bug reports via Discord. Please report via email or the ticket system included in the Support Agreement. 

The subscription is valid for one year. It is not possible to cancel the subscription during this time.

Don’t see the question you want to ask? Let us know: marketing@fudosecurity.com/de