Modern Privileged Access Management

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Modern Privileged Access Management plays the role of an advanced cybersecurity solution that helps organizations effectively manage, monitor, and control privileged accounts and access to critical assets to reduce the risk of insider attacks and other security breaches. It is designed to enhance overall security posture in today’s rapidly evolving threat environment.

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Real-Time Session

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PAM Solutions

Modern PAM solutions offer the highest quality and cutting-edge features that distinguish them from common tools. They are equipped with advanced technology innovations that are designed to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, insider threats, and other security breaches. User behavior analytics and Real-Time Session Management are top best features in the security industry.

Real-Time Session Monitoring and Recording Privileged Misuse Prevention

Session management tools allow organizations to record and audit privileged sessions, which helps in detecting and investigating any suspicious activity. Real-time interaction during user connection enables administrators to join, share, pause, or terminate any potentially suspicious session immediately after any dangerous behavior is spotted. This approach is mainly aimed at insider threats, which are becoming more and more common. Thanks to real-time session management tools, all authorized users’ activity is constantly monitored and recorded, so malicious actions can be easily tracked and blocked.

AI-Driven Breach Prevention

User behavior analytics is one of the most advanced features on the market. AI analyzes and creates behavior schemes individually for each user. Any suspicious activity is immediately communicated to the administrator, so he can easily track and narrow down any potential threat, wipe it out, and hold a certain subject accountable for their actions.

Organizations need to secure their data, services, enterprise assets, end-users, applications, or other subjects that contain valuable information/resources while adopting new security models.
With the current changes adopted by the global pandemic, we see a shift in remote access and security, where 82% of company leaders begin to adopt remote work. However, in correlation to the remote work shift, there has been a 90% increase in a security risk for web application breaches abusing user credentials and a 25% increase in phishing attacks from 2020. Fudo Enterprise system works as an intermediary layer between users and the internal network infrastructure. A PAM solution, along with zero trust, adds an additional security layer, helping to protect and secure the internal infrastructure that you could have otherwise overlooked.

Best practice solutions

Mitigate Insider Attacks

Malicious Insider is usually a current or former employee or business associate with privileged access to a company’s sensitive data or critical infrastructure. This threat occurs among the most expensive types of breaches. Fudo Enterprise secures privileged accounts by implementing access controls based on the Zero-Trust approach, limiting the number of users with privileged access and restricting their access to only what is necessary. Fudo Enterprise password management capabilities prevent unauthorized access through weak passwords or password reuse. Enforcing strict password sharing policies  reduces the risk of insider attacks facilitated by shared credentials.

Implement Professional Audit System

Monitor and audit all activities performed by privileged users to detect and prevent any malicious activities. Session recording and backup features allow for the subsequent analysis of events and the identification of objects or persons responsible for the breach of security procedures. Fudo Enterprise provides tools that allow security officers to search for relevant keywords related to an incident during suspicious sessions. When a data breach occurs, the company gains the possibility to scan for any traces or evidence of a crime.

Easily Manage Passwords

Secure and control privileged accounts with automated password changers and secret managers. Fudo Enterprise password management tools ensure that privileged passwords are unique, complex, and changed regularly to prevent unauthorized access. This is important in these days when stolen or compromised credentials are one of the most common initial attack vectors for data breaches.