Join the Fudo Security

Partner Alliance

Join Fudo Security in the fight against insider threats as a member of the Fudo Security Partner Alliance. Much like our solutions deployment and on-boarding of our partner program is a snap. We give you all the tools and incentives needed to grow your business and bring our best in class PAM to your customers.

How does the Fudo Security Partner Program benefit you?

● A variety of training opportunities are available to help you advance your team. Additionally, you will have access to marketing and technical materials.

● Cooperative terms that suit both parties.

● As a partner, you will have access to a range of partnership levels tailored to your skills and needs.

● Transparency and collaboration are the hallmarks of our cooperation.

● We provide comprehensive technical and marketing support.

Why should you add our products to your portfolio?

● Cybersecurity, including Secure Remote Access, is becoming increasingly important worldwide and with the increased demand, you will be able to generate more sales.

● The flexibility of Fudo Security allows you to work with both large companies and SMBs, allowing you to grow and expand your portfolio.

● Fudo is a completely agentless solution, which makes implementation fast and ensures security

Why should you add our products to your portfolio?

Registered Partner

This program is designed for those who are just starting their business journey with Secure Remote Access solutions. Our program provides you with training and development opportunities that will help you advance to higher levels of partnership.

Certified Partner

Designed specifically for those who already have a presence in the cybersecurity market and are looking for more opportunities to grow, this program will provide you with a variety of opportunities to advance your business.

Elite Partner

We recommend this program if you have extensive experience in the Secure Remote Access market and this is a key product in your portfolio.

Distribution Partner

Distribution Partners have access to important product details and program elements, among other valuable information. It is our goal to help your business grow and succeed.

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