How to speed up ROI with PAM solutions?

Talking about ROI with every security solution is always tough. Why?

Because we need to talk about what issues could befall us if we decide not to implement the given product. We have to talk about the loss. This can include real financial loss caused by criminals and problems which are intangible  – like brand perception, reputational crisis, and customer outflow.

It’s usually a discussion about threats rather than benefits.

All this can be really frustrating, especially for business people. Before they commit to a purchase order they would like to know how much money the product will make. And here they have no such information – only arguments that the corporation needs it because there are a lot of bad people out there waiting to attack their network. So financial departments have always had a hard nut to crack.

Of course safety awareness has been increasing in the last decade and security is a hot topic now, but still, CISOs generally do not have enough ammunition to argue about the resources OR tools? they need. When it comes to PAM the process is similar. There is no easy business case for password vaults and the password changers. It’s really quite hard to convince the decision-makers to pay for such solutions.

However, if you do decide to use session monitoring and recording we have good news for you. There are business cases and we’ve listed them below:

  • Increase productivity right away.

From day one, most of our customers confirm the increased productivity of monitored staff. Just inform your remote subcontractors that they are being monitored and see what happens.

  • No fake support services.

Are you sure that companies providing support for you are 100% fair? Do you think that the services you are charged for are always done properly and connected to the contract? One of our customers called us after 6 months of using Fudo with gratitude, explaining that their investment in Fudo has just been returned. It turned out that their support company was lying to them for a long period of time. However, thanks to Fudo they had great footage and negotiated a settlement in this case, and they lived happily ever after.

  • Fewer admin mistakes.

Monitored people are more conscious of what they’re doing. More awareness equals fewer mistakes. You don’t like to be monitored? We know the stories where admins were singing high praises of Fudo, because of the material they used to prove their innocence. Dear Admins and DevOps – Fudo can be your best friend. It can be very beneficial in the long-term. If you play fair – there is nothing to worry about.

  • Great training footage and much more.

Imagine that from this very moment you can record all the advanced configurations and deployments, and then send them across your organization. And that’s not all! With Fudo you can join an ongoing session or watch it live at the other end of the world. Imagine that you don’t have to pay double for the same service. Now, you can learn from your partner’s footage which will be invaluable for the future. You won’t need to pay twice ever again.

  • All the business cases above can be turned into real numbers!

You can count how much you can earn thanks to a productivity increase, and how much you can save thanks to the new way of admin training. Maybe you know what the cost of the last admin mistake was when your production infrastructure was held up for an hour. Just remember that this is only an additional feature! First of all, we need to talk about security.

If you care about business aspects try our business-oriented Fudo PAM. Offering our Efficiency Analyzer Module you can easily monitor how your subcontractors work. You can compare users, groups of users, different organizations and much more. With detailed charts and filters, it will make it a cinch to negotiate a better contract which satisfies both management and subcontractors. 

Security devices don’t have to be nerd-only, complicated and hard to justify in front of the accounting department. If you choose smart and business-oriented tools you will be able to find the right things to say to your decision makers, which will have them convinced in no time.

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