The top 5 stories from across the global tech world!

From whistleblowers to dating tv, read our countdown of the top 5 stories from across the global tech world.

Number 5- Snapchat goes 3D!

If you can’t get enough of making selfies, then I have JUST the thing for you!
Now with Snapchat upping its game, it has introduced a new camera mode that can make their selfies more 3D! Just in time for Halloween or cool new application pictures for jobs? Perhaps just for your friends. Hang on though, there is a catch! You’ll need the new iPhoneX to apply the new 3D effects, lenses and filters. No worries if you don’t have one you can still see the photos and Snapchat has announced it will eventually support additional devices. So, get ready for fall’s 3D selfie bonanza!

Number 4- Dating and streaming!Forget Disney+, Netflix or Apple TV Plus, and get ready for Tinder swipe tv?

Yep that’s right. That app responsible for connecting the world with true love. Is now chasing the original video content bandwagon. According to Variety. Tinder has developed a lengthy ‘choose your own adventure style’ series -apparently Karena Evans the director of several music videos is on board – The series is about a cast of characters facing the end of the world. Naturally you’ll get to do a lot of swiping.
It may seem like an odd move, but there’s method to this madness. As users who swipe and make similar choices in the series will then be matched up. Actually, kind of cool. So goodbye Netflix and chill, and hello “video swipe date!”

Number 3-  Tech rules the money roost!

Do you work in tech? good! Then stay there! If you’re not then.. well. Hmm. Get into it!

Why? Well besides the amazing perks, like bean bags, free smoothies and showing up in flip flops. Well it’s all about the moolah, the dosh, loot, dough! Right? Well according to Career website Glassdoor, it has released a new report about the highest paying jobs in America. Out of the top 25 highest paying occupations-14 were in tech- one more than last year! So which job got the top spot? Enterprise Architect with a whopping average of $122,585! So dear reader take note! Go on and polish your coding skills!

Number 2- Snowden the best-selling writer.

Forget writers block, it’s all about publishers block now. Or income block. The controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden has just released his memoir this week aptly named “Permanent Record” And, just as he does, Uncle Sam is going after….wait for it…his MONEY!

They’re just jealous that they haven’t penned a bestseller. The Justice Department is seeking to recover all proceeds from the book sales. So it comes as no surprise that the moment they filed the suit, the book became a global number one bestseller. It’s so truthful it’s against the law to write. I can’t think of better marketing.

Number 1 – A medical picture is worth 16 million words

So, you want to see your neighbors recent X-ray scan? No problem, it turns out that anyone with basic computing skills and an internet connection can access millions of private medical images and data. MRIs, X-rays, CT scans and a whole plethora of other valuable private info too. That’s all according to a new disturbing report by ProPublica a nonprofit focused on investigative journalism.

Basically, when the medical community transformed from analog to digital methods of sharing test results, security practices were never really taken seriously. What makes this story so shocking is that many digital medical record systems don’t even require a password! In 2019, can you believe it? How many records you might ask? Try 16 million around the world with over 5 million in the US alone.