Press Release: Discover Fudo Cloud

NEWARK, CA, January 22, 2020

“After many months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to launch our new product: It brings privileged access management benefits to small and medium-sized companies, without the need of installing any hardware. From now on they don’t have to always trust, but can also verify what is happening with their web services. Anytime, from anywhere.” Patryk Brozek, CEO of Fudo Security.

Fudo Cloud monitors and records everything that is happening with your web account, e.g. Salesforce, GSuite, Linkedin, Twitter or practically any web service. This allows for control of external account managers and the ability to see what is being done live or, even terminate a connection completely. The tool is useful to any company or individual who outsources social media administration or uses external contractors.

The tool is available now and there is a limited-time offer to purchase it for $29/month.

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