Discover the new Secure Remote Access Solution

Secure Remote Access Solution

We are in uncharted waters. The current global situation with Covid-19 is affecting every facet of our world economy. Every business and industry will feel the impact and shift of the pandemic. For many the right kind of adjustment now will either mean survival or possibly financial ruin. Business continuity is vital in these times, as is the safety of the global workforce.

That’s why at Fudo Security we have wasted no time in providing the world with something that is indispensable and will be an asset to any organization.
Many companies and institutions will now see an influx of remote workers as they adapt to the new reality.
Companies from every sector will now race to implement a remote work environment in an efficient and secure way.

We are proud to help in these challenging times with the newest addition to the Fudo solutions palette: Fudo Secure Remote Access.
With the power of our experience on the market as a leading PAM vendor we are able to offer a unique solution for the current crisis.

Already we have seen the successful deployment of Fudo Secure Remote Access at a major European bank within the course of a weekend, securing thousands of employees and ensuring business continuity for an influential financial player.

The innovation and talent that we are proud of every day at Fudo Security has now been put into full speed and we are ready to support you in sharing with the world this new way of protecting our society.
We are confident this will help many companies survive this terrible time and to set the stage for a new evolution of work.
If you should have any questions about Secure Remote Access Solution or PAM solutions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With Kind Regards,
The Fudo Security Team