PRESS RELEASE: BOLL Becomes Certified Distributor Of Fudo Security In The DACH Region.

Swiss IT security distributor BOLL has signed a comprehensive distribution agreement with Fudo Security. This partnership delivers Zero Trust Network Security powered by intelligent Privileged Access Management to Switzerland and the entire DACH region.

With immediate effect, BOLL is a certified distributor for Fudo Security’s PAM offering in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Fudo PAM is a pioneering Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution for monitoring, controlling, and recording access to sensitive data and systems. Fudo PAM is integrated into the session as a gateway in the network and can record time-stamp and archive all data in encrypted form.


Fudo PAM detects and reports unauthorized access, activities and commands in real-time so that a critical connection can be automatically disconnected, and the attacking account blocked if necessary. At the same time, a recording of the session is created, which can later be used for documentation, training, and forensic purposes.


“We know that securing organizations is a challenging process, and currently, other elements like MFA or VPN are insufficient to guarantee a complete safeguard against internal or external threats. We are excited to work with such a reputable partner to protect enterprises and organizations of all verticals in Switzerland,” explained Patryk Brozek, CEO, Fudo Security.


Unlike other PAM solutions, Fudo PAM relies on recording raw data at the native protocol level (instead of video), ensuring end-to-end traceability and requiring significantly less storage space.


According to BOLL CEO Thomas Boll, Fudo PAM is arguably the most advanced privileged access management solution for security-conscious enterprises. “Fudo PAM enables seamless monitoring, control, and recording of remote sessions, making an important contribution to the protection of corporate networks, data, and applications. We are excited to add Fudo’s solutions to our existing IT security product portfolio and create value for our channel partners.”


About Fudo Security

Fudo Security is a leading innovator in the cybersecurity world. It is a global company that has its roots in the heart of Europe. Deployed in more than 30 countries and trusted by hundreds of organizations, Fudo Security’s mission is to protect both large and small organizations against privileged user threats. Its solutions include Secure Remote Access, Privileged Access Management, and Zero Trust Network Access. Fudo Security’s products allow monitoring the activity of users with access to critical assets. Additionally, Fudo Security’s solutions help manage password policies and alert immediately in case of any suspicious behavior.


About BOLL

Founded in 1988, the IT company BOLL Engineering AG (BOLL) is a leading value-added distributor for IT security and open networking products. Based in Wettingen (CH), Le Mont-sur-Lausanne (CH) and Ulm (D), the company distributes pioneering solutions in the areas of network and mail security, identity control and access management, isolation and penetration testing, as well as server load balancing and open networking.

The services provided exclusively by experienced employees range from tailor-made marketing and sales services to business development, technical and logistics services to top-class trainings and certifications in the company’s own “Premier Authorized Training Center” (ATC). The company’s own “best-rated” support center, which provides technical support exclusively by qualified engineers, is groundbreaking. The continuously growing company BOLL is privately owned and employs about 55 people.