PRESS RELEASE: Fudo Security joins forces with PWCyber, Poland’s most important cooperation programme in the area of cybersecurity

Warsaw, PL – June 20th, 2022

As of today (June 20th, 2022) an agreement confirming Fudo Security’s participation in the Cybersecurity Cooperation Programme is signed, sealed and delivered. Fudo Security is now part of a unique group of companies working together to enhance the common security level of networks and IT systems within Polish public and private institutions. Representing the government the agreement was signed by the Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister – Janusz Cieszyński, and President of the Management Board and CEO of Fudo Security – Patryk Brożek.

The world continues to face growing threats, particularly in the area of digital security. Poland is one of the countries that supports initiatives to prepare for and mitigate all kinds of threats in cyberspace. The Cybersecurity Cooperation Programme (PWCyber) is a public-private partnership that aims to strengthen cooperation and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of cyber threats.

The PWCyber Programme, due to the need to build trusted relationships with technology partners in parallel with the relationships between national security authorities in Poland and in the countries of origin of those entities, is open to companies from EU member states, NATO member states and NATO partner states.

The implementation of the Programme is one of the objectives of the Cybersecurity Strategy of the Republic of Poland for 2019–2024
“It is a great honour and pleasure to be part of such an important and necessary initiative like the Cybersecurity Cooperation Programme,” stressed Fudo Security’s CEO, Patryk Brożek. Fudo Security and its solutions allow for monitoring of the activity of users who have access to critical resources.

Fudo Security solutions assist in the management of privileged users and help issue immediate warnings in the event of suspicious behaviour.
“We continue to witness attacks targeting critical infrastructure and many organisations across various industries around the world. The cooperation between public and private sectors in the area of cybersecurity will make the world a safer place. We look forward to working together and sharing the newest information within this key initiative of the Polish government,” Brożek added.

Fudo Security,which was founded in Poland, has always had a mission to prevent data security breaches. From the very beginning, holistic security, efficiency and ease of use have been the global hallmarks of the company.
In recent years, the company has grown rapidly, expanding the area of cooperation from Warsaw and reaching as far as Silicon Valley. Fudo Security has become a major player, providing cybersecurity services for various economic sectors, including banking, critical infrastructure and governmental institutions in Poland and abroad.