Fudo Enterprise: A Secure Solution for Third-Party Vendors

In every business environment, organizations rely on vendors for various services, ranging from IT support and customer service to subcontracted tasks. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine an organization that does not use the services of third parties. We cooperate with subcontractors in almost every aspect of our daily business and the more complex the service, the more resources we have to share with a vendor, and the greater effort we have to take to onboard them.

Integrating vendors into organizational systems can be a time-consuming process that often lacks sufficient control. However, Fudo Enterprise offers a solution that provides numerous benefits in securing third-party access. Just read this article to discover how you can streamline the onboarding process, enhance control, and save costs and time.

Fudo Enterprise: Streamlining Onboarding and Enhancing Control

Integrating a new vendor into an organization’s systems often entails a lengthy process that can take weeks or even months. This delay impacts productivity and can lead to a loss of valuable time and resources. Fudo Enterprise changes the game by enabling organizations to swiftly onboard vendors and connect them to internal networks and resources.

With Fudo Enterprise, the onboarding process is drastically shortened, taking only a matter of days rather than weeks or months. This streamlined approach ensures that work can start sooner, allowing organizations to maintain their operational efficiency and meet project deadlines without unnecessary delays.

Moreover, Fudo Enterprise offers advanced control over third-party access. Organizations can monitor and manage the activities of vendors with ease, ensuring adherence to security policies and compliance requirements. By implementing granular access controls, organizations can precisely tailor the level of permissions granted to vendors, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches. Worth mentioning here is the “Just-in-Time” functionality, which is based on granting access to specifically defined resources only on request and at a specific time. Users must submit a request and, through acceptance, acquire access to the company’s assets at a strictly specified time. It gives administrators full control over all remote sessions.

Fudo Enterprise: Securing Third-Party Access and Mitigating Risks

Hiring third parties may involve financial, reputational, operational, and, most importantly, cybersecurity risks to the company. You may want to read more on this topic in the “How to Mitigate Third-Party Cybersecurity Risks in Modern Organizations” article. Granting access to external entities without adequate safeguards can expose organizations to potential threats and compromise sensitive data. This is why companies should regularly monitor their third parties for any signs of suspicious activity or breaches and have a plan in place to respond to any incidents that may occur. Fudo Enterprise addresses these concerns by providing robust security measures specifically designed to protect against third-party vulnerabilities. 

By implementing Fudo Enterprise, organizations gain advanced privileged access management capabilities. This includes features such as session monitoring and recording, password management, user efficiency analyzer, and AI breach prevention. These functionalities enable organizations to monitor vendor activities in real-time, providing a comprehensive audit trail for compliance purposes, as well as facilitating employee performance analysis.

This set of session management tools allows organizations to record and audit privileged users’ remote access, which helps in detecting and investigating any suspicious activity. Additionally, Fudo Enterprise provides real-time interaction during user sessions, allowing administrators to join, share, pause, or terminate any potentially suspicious session immediately after any dangerous behavior is spotted.

Furthermore, Fudo Enterprise offers robust password management features, ensuring that access credentials are securely stored and regularly rotated. By minimizing the reliance on shared or static passwords, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access or credential misuse.

The Efficiency Analyzer feature is designed to represent productivity analysis by tracking users’ activities and providing precise information on efficiency, idle times, and all improper work practices based on detailed metrics. It will help you monitor third-party services’ quality and optimize their performance, ensuring that you have full visibility and control over your business operations.

Fudo Enterprise incorporates an AI feature that allows you to configure model trainers and behavioral analysis models so that it precisely analyzes users’ behavior, detects unusual actions, and marks sessions as suspicious so that you can quickly react. It will support day-to-day CISO responsibilities by providing the necessary guidelines and easing the verification and monitoring process.

Fudo Enterprise: Cost and Time Savings

Implementing traditional vendor onboarding processes can be a real resource drain. Prolonged deployments incur significant costs and tie up valuable resources. Fudo Enterprise will help you streamline this process, offering a rapid and cost-effective solution.

With Fudo Enterprise, organizations can drastically reduce the time required for vendor onboarding, saving both time and money. The simplified deployment process ensures that organizations can swiftly connect third parties to their networks and resources, eliminating prolonged setup periods. Consequently, organizations can allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on core business operations.

Moreover, Fudo Enterprise minimizes the need for extensive training and support, as its user-friendly interface simplifies vendor management tasks. Employees can get access to Unix/Windows servers, applications, and devices quickly and easily using their favorite native clients, such as Unix Terminals or Putty. They won’t have to change their habits and can continue working as usual. For non-technical users or those without specific preferences, Fudo One provides the possibility to connect through the Fudo Web Client, which only requires a web browser for access. This intuitive system empowers organizations to swiftly adapt to the platform, reducing the overall learning curve associated with traditional onboarding processes.

In today’s interconnected business landscape, organizations must find a secure and efficient way to integrate third-party vendors into their systems. Fudo Enterprise emerges as a powerful solution, streamlining the onboarding process, enhancing control, and bolstering security measures. By choosing Fudo Enterprise, organizations can safeguard their operations, mitigate risks, and save valuable time and resources. To learn more about all our products, please check out the Fudo Security website or schedule a demo with us by filling out the form.