DataTegra (Pty) Ltd

Datategra delivers hybrid cloud security, SOC-as-a-Service, managed security, and professional services to commercial and public sector clients in South Africa and the SADAC region.

We provide the visibility and control needed for effective hybrid cloud, endpoint, and network security to bridge the gap to a modern security approach.
Agent X, our proprietary platform, uses Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) to optimize and scale Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities across the enterprise.

Our South African-based cyber security experts provide 24×7 monitoring, consulting, and guidance to our customers on their journey to a secure environment.

Our professional services include penetration testing, exercises and training, vulnerability assessments, threat hunting, and incident response.

We are in business to help our clients achieve their critical cyber security goals, whether that means delivering hands-on training, consultative and collaborative services, providing a 24×7 virtual SOC, multi-cloud monitoring, or diving into network testing battlegrounds. If you are looking for a cyber security company to assist you, our team can help you succeed in today’s competitive business environment by harnessing the people, processes, and technology you already have.