DOT Consulting

Our predecessor company, Sprinter Stúdió, was esteblished as a family business in Eger in 1990, and we have founded Dot Consulting to serve the growing needs in 2018 and it operates in a joint venture form with other partner entities.

The members of the team are under the supervision of senior professional executives in many areas of IT / Telecommunication. Our colleagues have been in the business for many years and many have joined us with more than 10 years of experience.

Our company usually works as an independent service provider, starting from the strategic consulting of the project, through business process analysis to the planning and implementation phase, but we also undertake specific sub-tasks in cooperation with other service providers. Additionally, we are constantly working on the ongoing development of our business and technology processes and for our partners to develop new, more profitable business offers. The great advantage is that we are open to new developments and keep up with the constant technical progress. We continuously train our staff so that we can fully satisfy your needs. We are ready to perform any task, whether we are maintaining a website or designing a nationwide backbone network, all of which is equally important, because we know this is essential to you.

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