IT Specialist LLC

IT Specialist is a guide for safe digital transformation for any business.We offer comprehensive solutions for IT systems security, integration and monitoring.

These solutions are focused on:

– Business process and application management optimization;

– Error tracking, user experience and behavior;

– IT system security, virus, hacking and data leak protection.

Our mission is providing your business with efficiency and security in cyberspace.
We are proud of our team consisting of more than 70 specialists, who have specialized education, rich experience and international certification.
Thanks to our cooperation with industry leaders, we provide best in class IT solutions and a high level of 24/7 support.
We always focus on customer’s needs and choose optimal solutions taking into account the specific goals of your business. Our portfolio has a large number of successful projects in financial-banking, governmental, industrial, telecommunications and retail sectors.
We work until we have a positive result, not until the workday ends! That’s why we are trusted with the most challenging tasks and large-scale projects.