Red Shield Computer Services

Founded in 2014 in Doha City, by Fahad Al-Dosari, Red Shield Computer Services re-invented the term “technical support” by offering a very unique technical support to everyone no matter the computer, hardware, software, or operating system.

What we do:

Today, Red Shield Computer Services continues to offer support and online services that allow any user to learn more about their computer and find technical assistance. Some of the services that Red Shield Computer Services offers include the technical support, computer product information, computer tips and one of the largest communities of experienced staff that help users.

Our Vision:

We hope to make Red Shield Computer Services the number one destination for computer support and computer-related information and products. By providing thousands of pages of computer-related information and products, we hope to assist everyone in getting the most from their computers while also assisting all users with their questions when they arise.

Our Mission:

The mission of Red Shield Computer Services is to be a leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services in Qatar.