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Privileged Access Management

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Organizations NEED to secure their data, services, enterprise assets, end-users, applications, or other subjects that contain valuable information/resources while adopting new security models.

With the current changes adopted by the global pandemic, we see a shift in remote access and security, where 82% of company leaders begin to adopt remote work. However, in correlation to the remote work shift, there has been a 90% increase in a security risk for web application breaches abusing user credentials and a 25% increase in phishing attacks from 2020. Fudo Privileged Access Management (PAM) system work as an intermediary layer between users and the internal network infrastructure. A PAM solution, along with zero trust, adds an additional security layer, helping to protect and secure the internal infrastructure that you could have otherwise overlooked

Fudo PAM Session Icon shows monitoring sessions for privileged users

Unmatched session monitoring

  • Fudo PAM Icon of HTTP/HTTPS protocol rendering

    HTTP(S) protocol rendering

    Visual session playback for RDP, SSH, Telnet and HTTPs

  • Fudo PAM Icon of remote connection to pause or terminate sessions within fudo.

    Take immediate action

    Join, pause, terminate remote connections. Share sessions with anyone - all that from the convenience of a web browser.

  • Fudo PAM Icon showing monitored sessions regular expressions and policy creation

    Supervise sessions proactively

    Define regular expressions, assign them to policies and decide what to do when Fudo detects a matching sequence.

Image showing monitoring of privileged user sessions within Fudo PAM
Fudo PAM icon of HTTPS protocol rendering

HTTP(S) protocol rendering

  • Fudo PAM Icon of monitor access of online services with visual playback

    Monitor access to online services with visual session playback.

  • Fudo PAM Icon of patented technology

    Patent pending technology.

Fudo PAM Image of prevention and HTTPS rendering of a session with visual playback
Fudo PAM Icon of AI powered prevention technology

AI-powered prevention

  • Fudo PAM Icon of biometric detection of user behaviour

    Detect any change in user behavior to prevent potential privileged account misuse within the first 60 seconds of the session.

  • Fudo PAM icon of automatic session rating based on detected anomalies

    Receive automatic rating of sessions, based on detected anomalies.

  • Fudo PAM Icon of being alert of all connected sessions

    Be alerted about a surprisingly large number of connections or sessions that last longer than usual.

Fudo PAM image of a dashboard and its concurrent sessions, alerts and anomalies
Fudo PAM Image of Just In Time Feature for Fudo Five release


  • Fudo PAM Icon shows access to resources with the Just In Time feature

    Grant temporary access to resources, easily define and schedule when a specific resource is available to certain users.

  • Fudo PAM Image shows the increase in productivity and efficiency

    Increase efficiency in your organization as users are able to schedule temporary access themselves with intuitive oversight by security admins.

Fudo PAM Image showing Just In Time feature dashboard
Fudo PAM image of Autodiscovery feature for the release of fudo five


  • Fudo PAM Image of domain controller scanner for privileged or non-privileged users

    Scan domain controllers for new privileged & non-privileged accounts.

  • Fudo PAM image showing an automatic onboarding process

    With this ability, the onboarding process can be automated and added immediately to safes or quarantined for manual assignment.

Fudo PAM autodiscovery feature dashboard and how to set up onboarding process
Fudo PAM image showing efficiency analyser feature

Efficiency analyzer

  • Fudo PAM Icon of efficiency analyser productivity comparison

    Easily compare the efficiency of your remote consultants.

  • Fudo PAM icon efficiency analyser feature showing unfair contractors

    Eliminate unfair subcontractors.

  • Fudo PAM icon of efficiency analyser and contractor operations according to its contract

    Be sure that your suppliers operate in accordance with their contract.

Fudo PAM efficiency analyser dashboard and productivity statistics/data
Fudo PAM One Day Rapid Deployment for the Fudo PAM appliance hardware

One day deployment

Plug & play deployment.
No need to install agent software on monitored systems.
No need for additional licenses.



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Fudo PAM Icon of secret manager to create and manage passwords and change policies

Secret manager

Create and manage password changer policies that follow your internal regulations.

Fudo PAM Icon of 4 eyes authentication access control

4-Eyes access control

Approve each request to access your most critical assets using either a mobile app or Fudo PAM web interface.

Fudo PAM Icon of the optical character recognition OCR technology for graphical protocols

Optical Character Recognition

Searcheable, full optical character recognition in graphical protocols.

Fudo PAM Icon of backup sessions for PAM solutions and external storage

Backup of sessions

The ability to backup session recording over to external storage, like S3, Backblaze or FTP server for archival purposes.

Fudo PAM Icon of new health check feature to check the stability and compatibility of Fudo PAM


Administrators can easily monitor Fudo components by using API or SNMP protocol.


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